Windows Backup

  Daisy Wheel 17:22 25 Oct 2004

I don't seem to be able to use Windows Back up ever. I bought a computer when Win 95 first came out and lost all my data because I used backup and found out later that I needed a controller (the person on the phone didn't know what that was either). Fortunately my PC had a 120 MB floppy so I used that instead. With my new notebook and a little more experience I decided to try again in Win XP having read Microsoft's "Using Windows XP Backup Utility". I can't however find the NTBackup.MSI file they suggest I double click on on the Windows disk. I tried using backup anyway but the file path to my DVD drive doesn't seem to work for Backup. Could someone help me with this please.

  sean-278262 18:02 25 Oct 2004

start/all programmes/accessories/system tools/backup

just follow the instructions from there to backup

  It's Me 21:33 25 Oct 2004

I think that you are expected to copy what you want to back up to your hard disk, and then burn that to a CD or DVD using some other software such as Nero, carefully allocating the files to each disk.

However Nero has its own backup which works quite well (with patience) and can use multiple CDs or DVDs and they can be scheduled as well if you so wish.

It doesn't say a whole lot for Windows back up does it.

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