windows autoplay

  chuckie 16:11 06 Sep 2004

i have just installed sp2 on my system but every time i boot up and windows starts, autoplay pops up in a windows but there are no discs in any draws. any ideas would be appreciated.

  woodt 16:34 06 Sep 2004

Do you have any external hard drives connected?

  chuckie 17:12 06 Sep 2004

no but i do have memory card readers attached.
could this be what its looking for.

  woodt 20:15 06 Sep 2004

Ok, when the auto start window is open what drive is it refering to? Do you have a card in the reader?

  chuckie 20:43 06 Sep 2004

no card in the reader and it does`nt look for a drive letter its just running autoplay with no other details.

  woodt 22:09 06 Sep 2004

Sorry chuckie but I cannot help any further. You could try and disable autoplay on your cd drives and see if that cures it temporarily. Failing that you may have to uninstall SP2.

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