Windows Automatic Updates

  johnincrete 05:51 20 Jan 2010

I'm set up to receive automatic updates.
Is this a good thing?
If not,
how do I know what updates are available?
how do I know which of them are good?
how do I get the good ones?

  howard64 06:47 20 Jan 2010

I just let the updates in as and when they come - I have not had any problems.

  gel 07:28 20 Jan 2010

I think most of your questions will be answered if you click on to the Microsoft security shield on your desk top
The system for updates from Microsoft takes care of itself
Normally updates occur on or just after the second Tuesday in the month


  morddwyd 08:19 20 Jan 2010

Like crosstrainer, I've have my systems set to advise me when updates are available, but I choose if and when to install.

For instance, this morning I have been advised of an update to Silverlight. Since I don't use it I don't need the update.

  Technotiger 08:50 20 Jan 2010

100% Ditto morddwyd

  compumac 09:06 20 Jan 2010

As per morddwyd and Technotiger

  johnincrete 11:17 20 Jan 2010

There is no Microsoft Security Shield on my desktop.
When downloads are available. I get a shield icon in the blue strip alomside the clock etc. Clicking on it just tells me there's updates available but nbot what. Hence the post.

  johnincrete 11:19 20 Jan 2010

"Like crosstrainer, I've have my systems set to advise me when updates are available, but I choose if and when to install."
How do you set yoiur system?
How do you choose?

  march 17:32 20 Jan 2010

click on the orb, windows updates, change settings, then under ‘important updates’ click on the down arrow and select check for updates but let me choose whether to download & install them’ click ok

then when updates are available you can see which you want to install,

some will be probably be obvious that you need to install them but when you are not sure post on this forum & you will find lots of people willing to guide & help you (they are all a pretty fantastic with lots of patience and knowledge.)

  GaT7 20:23 20 Jan 2010

"That will not in stall what can i do."

tonymcdonn, try downloading & installing it manually.

You can download it from click here.

Double-click on the saved file & follow the install wizard. G

  GaT7 16:54 22 Jan 2010

"....still will not install?"

What error code if any is it coming up with?

Does this click here sound familiar?

Even if it doesn't give those exact error codes, do as the above link says - i.e. to:

1. Uninstall all the .Net packages

2. Run the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility package

3. Reinstall all of them again.

Also may be best to start your own thread. G

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