Windows always asks for Boot Disk :(

  Madboy 15:38 10 Apr 2004

if i start the pc without my disk it comes to a menu saying:

1) Start with CD support
2) Start without CD support
3) View Help

If i click say option 1, it asks for my Windows Start up disk (boot disk), in which then it has to load. The point is, it should load up without approaching that menu, and without asking for my boot disk.

I looked in the BIOS, but not sure what to look for i got confused and lost.

Any help appreciated thanks

  Madboy 15:54 10 Apr 2004

Please Help ASAP :(

  hugh-265156 15:59 10 Apr 2004

are you saying it shows this when there is NO bootdisk floppy in the drive?

very strange??

you can set the first/second/third boot device in the bios usually in the advanced menu somewhere but this should only make a difference if there are discs in the drive and you cannot boot from them.

normally even if the floppy drive is set as first,cd drive as second and hdd as third the computer will boot from the hard drive if there are no floppies or bootable cdrs in the drives.

the message you see makes me think that a floppy is in the drive.cant think of another reason why you should get this message.

  Madboy 16:05 10 Apr 2004

the procedure i go through is simply put:

"Preparing to boot" message shown
Startup Menu asking for what i said above
Then asks for Boot Disk

However, if i do Switch the PC on when a boot disk is in, it eventually loads and stops in DOS at the A:> command prompt.

Any clues as to where to look in the BIOS or fix it? Im a total beginner when it comes to this sort of thing

Cheers mate

  hugh-265156 16:11 10 Apr 2004

just noticed your other thread click here :-)

at the A:\ prompt type C:\ click enter.

type fdisk

delete any old partitions

create a new primary partition and format it and give it a name hdd is the usual.


with the windows cdrom in the drive boot from it.

ps.its been a while since i did this so i may be giving incorrect advice.others will advise on correct procedure but i dont think im too far off.

  Smiler 16:13 10 Apr 2004

It looks like the MBR (master boot record) is corrupt so you will probably have to re-install windows.

  hugh-265156 16:16 10 Apr 2004

read the other thread

  Smiler 16:24 10 Apr 2004

I have done now, but I had originally posted my response and when it came up your response was in. Going by the other thread I would suggest when madboy gets to the a:/ prompt he changes directory to E:/ Insert the windows cd into the cd drive then type setup press enter this should start the win98 installation. (E:/ drive because the boot floppy creates a ramdrive as d:/)

  hugh-265156 16:26 10 Apr 2004

thats what i wasnt sure about.

yes i believe it was E:\ i needed to change it to myself before.

  Madboy 16:38 10 Apr 2004

So i have to format everything and start again!

Ive been on since 8am this morning, its now nearly 5pm....i dont think i could manage another format

  Madboy 17:06 10 Apr 2004

I Changed the BIOS boot order too

1) SCSI (or something)
2) Floppy

However it still insists on Boot Disk, should option 1 be something other than SCSI, there were tons of options such as IDE(0), IDE(1), IDE(2) and loads more.

Did i need to install anything else, since the format i have only installed:

Graphics Card
Sound Drivers
MS Office 2000

Theres a big box here called:


I dont know what it is, do i install a BIOS off this or something? Because i remember when i installed Win98SE it asked to install something from my Windows disk (couldnt find the file), so i cancelled. I hope im not having to format again

Help appreciated.

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