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Windows activation same product key on two cptrs

  anniesboy68 14:09 25 Jul 2013

I have just loaded windows 7 64 bit [replacing 32bit] on to my laptop and low and behold the product key is the same as on my PC which is 64bit. How can that happen?? I thought each computer had is own key. Any answers would be appreciated. AB68

  northumbria61 15:24 25 Jul 2013

W7 retail is for one pc only - I agree Woolwell

  anniesboy68 15:43 25 Jul 2013

I should have added that its been activated

  anniesboy68 16:02 25 Jul 2013

Again I should also add that the box purchased some while ago from PC World contains the two disks 32 and 64 bit with only the one product number for both. As stated its been activated but my problem is I am going to sell the laptop and I do not wish to upset Microsoft. The two disks will go with the computer as I have another two disks should my PC fail.

  lotvic 16:04 25 Jul 2013

You have told us nothing about the W7 install dvds. Maybe you got Windows 7 Family Pack that allows you to upgrade/install on up to three PCs click here

  lotvic 16:08 25 Jul 2013

Can I suggest you have a look at the EULA.

Still puzzled, why did you enter the product key that belongs to your pc? Perhaps you'd better have a look at your pc's EULA as well.

  lotvic 22:07 25 Jul 2013

There will not be a key on the laptop unless W7 came pre-installed oem.

There is not enough info being given by anniesboy68 which is leaving us having to ask basic questions or trying to guess.

Come on anniesboy68 - give us the proper info if you want constructive advice/comments

  lotvic 22:23 25 Jul 2013

2 sets of retail W7, you should have 2 product keys and 4 disks (a 32 bit and a 64 bit in each set).

  anniesboy68 15:44 29 Jul 2013

Thanks all for inputs, but to save any problems later I have installed Vista 32bit and activated it. Consider the matter closed now. Thanks AB68

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