windows activation

  dawnyworld 00:14 23 May 2004

hi i just rebuilt my pc removed a dvd an dvdr an replaced it with a cdr also replaced my gfx card
now windows is asking me to reactivate it :(

the trouble is that when i click on the actvatioe thingy it just disappers then reappers later its also only giving me 3 days now 2 what do i do ?

thanks DW

  Smegs 00:21 23 May 2004

click here dawnyworld, have a read thruogh this. Pay attention to what Powerless has said. Good luck.

  dawnyworld 00:31 23 May 2004

no i tryed that when i type oobe/msoobe /a nothing happens

  Djohn 03:26 23 May 2004

I think you may be clicking on the bubble message that comes up at the lower right of your screen to remind you to activate. Don't!

Log on to the internet first then go to start/all programs/accessories/system tools, and scroll down to the activate message.

Click on that and a message will come up on screen saying "Activation successful" if not it will say "Activation failed, please phone this number" and will display a number for you to call.

Phone the number and listen to the menu options, choose activation and follow the animated response. You will need to use the keypad of your phone to input your number and an automated voice will read out a long number. Write this down as you go then when finished type the number into the window showing on your screen and the product will activate. j.

  SEASHANTY 09:40 23 May 2004


  dawnyworld 18:01 23 May 2004

hi djohn i tryed that but when i click on it nothing happens no phone number no nothing no matter how many times i click it :(

  Djohn 18:09 23 May 2004

Thats strange dawnyworld. Not sure why you are seeing the activation message then no response when you do as requested.

Give Microsoft a call on phone number: 0870 60 10 100 and ask for customer service, they will soon sort the problem for you. Don't worry about calling M/S they are very helpful with problems like this. j.

  dawnyworld 18:14 23 May 2004

thx djohn ive just sent them email hope its not too late only got 1 day left lol
will post back when or if i get reply :)

  dawnyworld 11:57 24 May 2004

just rang ms tech sup after 6 phone call an 1 tech support laddie refusing to help because its an oem version

they say they will get back to me :(

  Djohn 14:39 24 May 2004

I'm sorry to hear this. It just goes to show that it depends on who you manage to speak to at the other end of the phone-line. My XP is OEM and they couldn't have been more helpful, even gave me a new product key to use.

When they phone back explain that you do not have a dealer to turn to for help as you have built the system yourself and it's their product not your machine causing the problem. If they still can't help then ask if they will point you to the section on their website that deals with this exact problem, post it back in the forum and we will try to help.

Good luck with the return call and don't worry we'll [The forum] will sort it in the end.

  dawnyworld 17:13 24 May 2004

thx djohn for your help

i finally spoke to a crs from MS and she managed to sort it out

it turned out to be corrupt activation files so we extracted them from the windows cd and it now works
i must say she was very helpful in everyway unlike the first crs i spoke to (maybe she was having a bad day ) anyway thanks all for the help .


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