Windows 98SE startup problem

  phil.s 01:55 15 Feb 2005

Hi there,
Can anyone help.
A member of the family was surfing the internet when my virus checker (AVG 6.0) warned of 2 viruses:-

'win32/beavis4350' in explorer.exe
and 'VBS/psyme' in Q123.vbs

The PC locked up and on reboot AVG gave the following message:-

'warning - VBS script virus. Reboot from startup disc or reboot at your own risk'.

I tried rebooting from w98/avg rescue discs but that didn't work, then stupidly (in retrospect) I rebooted the PC. This resulted in windows updating configuration files and then a grey error box appeared 'explorer.exe is damaged, reinstall windows'.

I ran AVG in safe mode which healed the VBS/psyme in Q123.vbs virus but said that 'win32/beavis4350 in explorer.exe is critical and should not be removed - boot system from virus free diskette or cd-rom and replace the infected file with a virus free one'.

Running SFC said the following file may be corrupted and recommended it is restored from the installation disk :-

setupx.dll in c:\windows\system.

How do I know which of the two files is corrupted, setupx.dll or explorer.exe and how do I replace it/them? Can I use SFC to restore them?

Any help would be gratefully received.


  end 02:17 15 Feb 2005

I honesty do not know, but am putting in my postings in case this happens to me; do you know from where you got thie virus?

and you may have to wait until the morning for a more helpful answer than mine:)

  highspeed? 03:22 15 Feb 2005

phil half of your answer is in your posting
You mentioned an earlier message said explorer.exe is damaged.
explorer.exe is a very critical application for windows! This is the file which is corrupted and needs to be replaced.
Do you have a 98 boot up floopy disc? Because you will have to boot up into dos.
Run SFC from dos prompt and replace explorer.exe This should be found on your installation disks?.
The new file explorer.exe should be located in C:\windows\system folder on your harddrive.
Or something like that??? I think?

Its years since i have had 98SE.
As you can see the rust is begining to appear

  phil.s 08:07 15 Feb 2005

Thanks highspeed, butHow do I know which of the two files is corrupted, setupx.dll or explorer.exe?
As I said in my post, on reboot windows says that
explorer.exe failed to load, but SFC said setupx.dll may be corrupted. Are the two linked in any way?



  end 08:23 15 Feb 2005

at this point in time

does the thing work yet

do you know from where you got the viruses

what does the run with SFC tell you needs to be replaced?

  phil.s 08:47 15 Feb 2005


at this point in time does the thing work yet?
In safe mode, yes.

do you know from where you got the viruses?
Not sure.

what does the run with SFC tell you needs to be replaced?
setupx.dll in c:\windows\system.



  FelixTCat 09:35 15 Feb 2005

Replace setupx.dll and try booting again. If that hasn't cured the problem, replace explorer.exe

  phil.s 08:31 16 Feb 2005

Update on the problem:-

Ran scanreg/replace from command line - found good registry settings from day before crash but same error on reboot.

In safe mode, ran SFC and replaced setupx.dll but same error on reboot.

Booted up from W98 startup floppy with cdrom support, extracted explorer.exe from w98 cd and replaced existing infected file in c:\windows.
Rebooted, all ok!!!

Thanks everyone for your help.

As an aside, I have Zonealarm firewall so how can programs download to my hard drive like they did?
Are my firewall settings or my security settings in IE(6.0) not correct?

  FelixTCat 11:52 16 Feb 2005

To be safe you need to both have a firewall and a virus scanner running the whole time. The virus scanner should be updated daily, if possible. Even then, accept that if you are connected to the internet, or use CDs or floppy disks, or receive emails, there is a chance that you will get a virus.

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