Windows 98SE Start Up

  ronm 20:52 24 Jul 2005

For no apparent reason my computer now shows the windows 98 start up menu with 5 options after going through the memory checks, if I press the enter key for normal start up everything stops and I have to restart, if however I let the 30 sec timer run down it all starts up fine. Any suggestions

  woodchip 21:14 24 Jul 2005

choose selective start press y for yes to each driver when it stops you should write down drive and restart, then next time press n for no to the driver you put on paper

  ronm 21:29 24 Jul 2005

Tried Shift F8 as suggested but it will go no further,and F5 safe mode goes into dos showing C:\>

  woodchip 22:47 24 Jul 2005

you should just use f8 to get selective mode

  DieSse 23:07 24 Jul 2005

Look here click here

at the contents of the file called MSDOS.SYS. You should see it in the root section of drive C. Right click and choose to Edit the file. If you need to choose a program to open it, use Notepad. Or just start Notepad, and do a File-pen on MSDOS.SYS

Look in the options menu at the line BOOT MENU = as you can see it should be set to 0. If it's set to 1 the menu will display every time. So change it to 0 and then Save the fle - then restart the system.

Any problems (I can't try it ut as I'm not on 98), ask again.

  woodchip 23:15 24 Jul 2005

This is what MSDOS looks like in Win98 and should not need editing as it's different to XP



;The following lines are required for
compatibility with other programs.

;Do not remove them (MSDOS.SYS needs to be >1024 bytes).





















  woodchip 23:17 24 Jul 2005

Do as I said above

  DieSse 23:21 24 Jul 2005

According to click here and click here

msdos.sys looks like they say. Whats WinXP got to do with it.

  ronm 23:26 24 Jul 2005

Thanks for all your help, my wife is on the computer at the moment so I will have to try tomorrow

  woodchip 23:28 24 Jul 2005

The above is my MSDOS.SYS and it works.

  DieSse 23:28 24 Jul 2005

His system starts up fine if he lets it time out on the menu - how can there be a faulty driver?

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