Windows 98se rebooting itself

  jules1315 11:50 16 Jan 2003
  jules1315 11:50 16 Jan 2003

I have a pc running Windows 98se and it has just started to shut down and reboot by itself for no reason. I have recently installed a CDR as a slave on the same IDE as my CD-ROM, but it has been alright up until now. I have checked the power cable is not loose. What else could it be?

  Dave123 12:40 16 Jan 2003

could be cpu temperatue going too high, triggering shut down,. you may have auto restart enabled

  QuickHare 13:08 16 Jan 2003

If it is the CPU temperature, I advise you get the computer repaired ASAP as the CPU could burn up with a fan (aka heatsink), which has stopped working.

First sign of this is the noise the computer makes normally should be less than before.

Although the problem is unrealted, as the drive was installed, you might have knocked the power cable to the fan and stopped power getting to it. Check this by making sure all connections are in properly.


  QuickHare 13:10 16 Jan 2003

"as the CPU could burn up with a fan"
should be
"as the CPU could burn up without a fan"

  siarad 13:25 16 Jan 2003

Not Intel CPU only AMD burn out

  jules1315 14:04 16 Jan 2003

The fan has got quite noisey recently so it could be overheating. I will replace the fan first of all.
Thanks for the advice guys

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