Windows 98SE memory limitations

  Sion 17:53 31 May 2003

Hey all, just a quickie question on this glorious satruday afternoon. Does Windows 98SE have a limitation on the amount of memory it can deal with? I remember the 384MB mark being mentioned before, in that this is the amount of memory Windows 98SE can physically deal with. Would anything terrible happen to my system if I installed 512MB of DDR memory?

Any help appreciated, cheers all.

  VoG™ 17:58 31 May 2003

You should be OK up to 512, not above click here

  bruno 18:02 31 May 2003

I have used 512Mb for a couple of years with no trouble at all,but I have read several times that that is as high as you can go with 98.

  Sion 18:05 31 May 2003

Thanks for the help guys, and cheers for the link VoG. I guess I can put off upgrading to XP for a few more weeks then!
Thanks again.

  wee eddie 20:41 31 May 2003

If you have a modern computer and are running 98se cos' of it's quality your probable limit is 512, although I doubt that flecc would agree.

There is another problem, in that many mobo's and processors built at the time that 98 was launched will not be happy with so much RAM. Better check that with the relevant web sites or your manual.

  bloo meeny 21:15 31 May 2003

Ok on my PC (custom build April 2000) with 98SE & 640 MB of SDRAM.
Seems the more you read, the more differing opinions you'll get on this one :)

  rowdy 22:37 31 May 2003

I have had W98se running without problems with 768Mb of DDR ram. I believe that if your graphics card is AGP then the limit is 512 but with a PCI graphics card ( which I have ) the limit is higher. The reason is connected to the memory addresses that the AGP card reserves conflicting when excess of 512Mb is installed.


  Sion 00:43 01 Jun 2003

My system is self built, 2000xp, Geforce4 Ti4200, 80Gb HDD, K7S5A mobo. My system seems to be operating normally with all the memory installed so it looks like i'm gonna be alright.

Although, I feel the need to point out something. I bought some Crucial 256 PC2100 memory to add to my Ebuyer generic 256 PC2100 RAM. I was slightly annoyed when I benchmarked the two memory modules seperately and found the Crucial memory was actually Slower than the generic RAM. What a rip! Not slower by much (it cost me 150 points on 3Dmark 2001) but still. So much for branded ram! Anyone else found this when buying their memory?

  nigwel 01:02 01 Jun 2003

Hi, you will only have a restricton on memory when using older motherboards, probably up to 512 with older Pentium2 Mobo`s.. Windows doesnt have any as far as I know...

  Garb 14:47 01 Jun 2003

This may help. Excuse long winded instructions, was originally written for someone with little PC experience.

Issues with windows 98 and ME with >512mb of ram

How to edit/modify/configure the system.ini file by adding
"MaxFileCache=256000" to windows to fix the problem of "out of memory" bug with systems having 512MB or more of RAM memory, win95/win98/98se/(ME)
Windows has a bug that affects systems that have 512MB or more of RAM.
Windows will take it all away an excessive amount of RAM to be used as a temporary cache and leave a very small amount for the programs to use.
Resolution: To limit Windows from doing this you have to add the entry
"MaxFileCache=256000" entry to the system.ini file as follows:
Click START then select RUN and type in the ext box
and click the OK button
The system configuration Editor window will open which will have 5 other windows within it.
Each windows has a title, so click on the one that says
"c:\windows\system.ini" to bring it to the front.
Now scroll down until you see the entry
Normally it will have nothing under it. You need to type under it
So that it looks like this
If you do not find the [vcache] entry then just do the above at the very
bottom of the entries so it is the last one.
Then from the very top select FILE then select Exit. The computer will ask you if you want to save the current changes
click the YES button then the window will close and you are done. Now reset the computer


  Quiller. 15:40 01 Jun 2003

The normal limit for 98se is 512Mb.

You can increase it to a maximum of 768Mb with this

click here

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