Windows 98SE and Larger Hard Drives

  Henmin 19:08 05 Apr 2005

Hi Gurus,

It's me once again. For those lovely folks who gave me their time and advise on 'REFORMATTING HARD DRIVE' and adding a new hard drive and anybody else who can Help here's something I picked up from Evesham -

Running bios 1.8 on the ms 6195 will support up to a 60gb hard drive as will your operating system if you are still running windows 98se or above ...

Do I have to go into BIOS to change it to 1.8 or do I just install the 60GB Hard Drive and hope for the best.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 05 Apr 2005

if bios supports it then just fit the drive, the Bios should see and report it on the first boot page. Don't forget to fdisk and format a new drive before it will work.

  dan11 21:00 05 Apr 2005

It means you would have to flash the bios to ver.1.8.

Something I have never done.

  Henmin 21:34 05 Apr 2005

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ & dan11,

It's nice to have you in touch again. You see I'm not a gambler that's why I'm so poor. I'm afraid of taking chances. As you must have noticed I'm running a bit careful with getting it done properly, though I know that I have all you helpful folk out there to to guide my should I mess things up.

I have the previously Thread all printed out and ready to use when I go for it - I'm sure you remember it.

I've been looking at my Motherboard User's Manual -AMI BIOS User's Guide. I find this : AMIBIOS simple Setup Utilities - Version 1.21a(C) 199 American Megatrends,Inc. Is that my BIOS version? If not how & where could I locate it, please.



  DieSse 21:47 05 Apr 2005

Try this - when Windows starts, the OS loads information about the main computer BIOS and video BIOS and stores the following information under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System registry subkey:

* SystemBiosDate
* SystemBiosVersion
* VideoBiosDate
* VideoBiosVersion

This information appears in the registry for informational purposes only; changing these items' values has no effect on the system.

  dan11 10:51 06 Apr 2005

Version 1.21a is the bios shipped with original motherboard. You would need to be at least ver. 1.8 to recognise the larger drive.


  ACOLYTE 10:57 06 Apr 2005

I would install the Drive First and see if it gets recognised,if it doesnt then think about flashing the Bios.

  Henmin 12:15 06 Apr 2005

DieSse, dan11 & ACOLYTE,

Many thanks for all your help, support and time given to me so freely.


  Henmin 20:04 06 Apr 2005

Hi All,

I've managed to get a 40GB Western Digital hard Drive Internal EIDE 72000 RPM 2MB Cache.


IDE-ATA interface - I think my presen hard
drive is an IDE.
CD ROM drive (PC only) Yes I have one.

Available 3.5-inch
internal drive bay - I have this

Additional system
requirements for hard
drives greater than
137 GB:
Windows XP SP1 or

Windows 2000 SP3
or later.

Windows 98SE/Me
may require an Ultra
ATA controller card
with support for drives
greater than 137GB - Will I need one?

I have enquired, this drive does have a 32gig limitation jumper.



  dan11 21:28 06 Apr 2005

As you have ticked your old thread, do you want to continue from here?

old thread click here and
click here

I take it you have just one machine up and running, so you will want to have full internet access. You have your external backups and dvd's burnt?

System requirements are fine, lets see if it will boot at the full 40 gig.

The IDE wide ribbon cable that goes into your 20 gig drive, should have a spare connector on it. check the new drive is jumpered as slave. Insert it in to the spare drive bay, attach screws. Attach the spare IDE ribbon cable connector ( the red stripe on it faces the power connector). Attach a spare power connector.

Boot up the machine.

Now you will get one of two things.

1) the machine refuses to boot

2) the machine boots.

If the machine refuses to boot, you will either have to check the bios settings are on auto-detect or insert the 32gig limitation jumper.

If the machine boots, look in my computer for the new hard drive.

Post back for either two.

  Henmin 22:32 06 Apr 2005

Hi dan11,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Hope you've received my reply to your personal email to me via PCA. My reply was direct to you. Hope it doesn't cause any problems.

Thanks for the two Links. As I knew that my computer will be out of action for some time I made sure I made printouts of both the Threads. Infact, I now always save copies to my hard disk as I know that one's Threads are erased after some time.

I shall start installing the new hard drive tomorrow morning. I've learnt my lesson when I was installing the LG DVD/CD Rewriter. I started quite late and ended up working till 2AM. I got too tired and had to start again later in the morning.

I'm getting somewhere at least now. I think all's going to go well. I'm so confident about it now, thanks to you and all the other folks who have given me your time and advise FOC.

I have my old DAN 1992/93 purchased. I haven't used it for about 5 years. It has a 2GB hard drive (came with 420MB)and each time I tried to use it I was informed that the hard drive was almost full, delete some programs. It has a 28 Modem. I'll take it out, delete some programs not needed and try and use it. I'll keep it as a double standby.

Well, I can't wait for tomorow.

Fingers crossed. Wish for the best!


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