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  windowpane 16:33 23 Feb 2004

When accessing windows help file everything works ok as regards information, until I call on troubleshooter, if its for printer or any of the listed items, I can put a dot on any of the causes, press next on the file and all I get is a blank screen, have run system file checker,and got details of a file: MSISYS.VXD, location C:\windows system, dont know if thats the missing file, what is the procedure for replacing the file from the original windows 98 CD rom, What do you type into the box marked location, all I get is the introduction screen listing samples, and add remove programmes from the cd rom, all help would be appreciated.

  spikeychris 17:32 23 Feb 2004

Lets assume that MSISYS.VXD is the missing file and you need to replace it Open a command prompt and type:

extract /a/l C:\temp D:\win98\ MSISYS.VXD

D: assumes that D: is your CD-ROM letter so substitute the drive letter names to reflect your system . is the first file in the series of CAB files. The /a switch tells the extract program to look through all the files until it finds the one you want.

Or click here

  woodchip 17:59 23 Feb 2004

If you have got corrupt or missing files Run SFC from the Start\Run box just put your windows disc in and stop it running the at Run type SFC and press go

  GaT7 18:08 23 Feb 2004

Hmm... I have the same problem, windowpane, and haven't been able to find a solution yet.

Going to try what spikeychris & woodchip (thanks for the input guys!) have suggested & report back.

  GaT7 20:15 23 Feb 2004

Get an error saying 'No Matching Files'.

Apparently, Msisys.vxd cannot be extracted in the first place and is mostly not the cause of this Windows Help Troubleshooter (WHT) problem. See this Microsoft knowledge base article - click here

I now remember doing an extensive search some weeks back on the Microsoft website for this WHT problem and couldn't find a solution. Maybe I was entering the wrong search words.

Have you found anything, windowpane?

  moh23 20:35 23 Feb 2004

see if this thread helps "windows help 06 01 2004"

  Zak 21:03 23 Feb 2004

From previous thread:

click here

MS Security Updates caused this malfunction.

I received help from trinity at the Broadband Forums:

click here

who directed me to this site:

click here

My problem was caused by the folowing security updates:

February 2003 critical update from Microsoft (Q810847) disabled the HTML help functionality in Windows 98.

November 2003 critical update (Q824145) that added a registry entry that disabled ActiveX controls in the TSHOOTER.OCX file.

Further information and fix is via the above second link.

The initial installation of the tshoot.inf failed to solve the problem.

However I downloaded and applied the fix and the Troubleshooters are now working as they should.


  GaT7 22:37 23 Feb 2004

Thanks a lot Zak & moh23!

Tshoot.inf failed but the TS Fix worked for me too.

Just before returning to the the Forum I managed to find a Microsoft fix/patch for similar problem - "Links in HTML Help Topics Are Unavailable or No Longer Work"
click here;en-us;822989

Tried it but it didn't work. It's to fix above problem caused by 3 different updates, incl. the Feb 2003 update but not including the Nov 2003 one.

Hope windowpane, who originally began this thread, will return to post a positive outcome as well!

Thanks again,
Regards, G

  GaT7 22:47 23 Feb 2004

Another attempt to post the Microsoft link again:

"Links in HTML Help Topics Are Unavailable or No Longer Work" click here;en-us;822989

May work for some...

  Wak 10:31 24 Feb 2004

Hi, I run win 98 SE and have the file MSISYS.VXD in C:\Windows\System at 11KB.
If you haven't cured your problem yet and would like me to send you the file, just e-mail me using the yellow envelope near my name.

  windowpane 17:44 24 Feb 2004

I have tried Zaks method, but have come unstuck when it states to open your windows\Inf folder and locate TSHOOT.INF, Where is this folder as I cant find it listed in the folder box, Have tried woodchips method but that didnt make any difference, will work at it. many thanks to you all

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