Windows 98SE dying on restart

  lindy 19:46 30 Sep 2003

Whenever I update my computer and it advises me to restart the computer - the computer hangs when it does restart and doesn't finish off then comes up with the blue screen of death stating that it is unable to write to disc in drive C: - any advices?

  Diemmess 19:51 30 Sep 2003

To finish your story, I assume that rebooting eventually restores a working desktop?
Its not that I have an idea of the cause, just want to be sure that except for adding an update it behaves normally?

  lindy 13:19 01 Oct 2003

Yes you are right I do eventually get a working desktop but it's starting to drive me crazy now as I can't reset and even when I shutdown, hen I start up again it tells me I need to restart - I'm sure therre must be a patch or something which I can update but I don't know where it is - if you can help, it would be much appreciated.

  Diemmess 15:05 01 Oct 2003

I am still guessing, but 2 obvious things:-

(1)...If the trouble is less than 5 days old, use the scanreg /restore process (details if required)

(2).... Make sure in Run > msconfig > Startup(tab) that all unnecessary boxes are without a tick so that only ScanRegistry, System Tray, and 2 Power Profiles will run at startup....... Also check for "yellow flags" in Device Manager

You mention updating, but don't say what it was you updated, If it was the OS you can't do much about that, if it was an application you might consider uninstalling and reinstalling. If it was hardware drivers, try removing and letting Windows find them at the next re-boot.

Finally, it always pays to change one lump at a time and then reboot before trying anything else.

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