Windows 98SE Downgrade

  Pesala 20:04 07 Feb 2003

I'm getting a bit fed up with Windows ME.
Any problems likely to arise if I downgrade to Windows 98SE. I have USB printer and scanner.

Where can I get an installation CD?
Since I have a license for Windows ME, I reckon I don't need another one for Windows 98???

  bremner 20:09 07 Feb 2003

It don't work like that; one version = one licence, two versions = two licences etc

You don't say why you are fed up with ME, is there a problem that may be rectified?

  Philip2 20:15 07 Feb 2003

If you have upgraded from 98 to ME you will have no problem just uninstall ME the registry will be reconfigured if not you will have to reformat your HD i should point out Microsoft will not support Windows 98 after June this year

  Pesala 20:18 07 Feb 2003

General dissatisfaction. General opinion on this Forum is that Windows 98SE is more stable, ME and XP problems seem very frequent.

Used it for over a year. Reinstalled half a dozen times. System restore never works. Hiberate, sleep modes don't work.

Spool32.exe errors often occur on startup, but not always. When they do, programs often freeze.

Cannot figure out why such things should be random.

  Philip2 20:31 07 Feb 2003

You should try software called CyberScrub you will be amazed how many deleted files it finds i run XP it took three hours to remove the deleted files from my HD

  sil_ver 20:43 07 Feb 2003

If you go to the Ebay site you will probably be able to get a shrink-wrapped 98se quite cheaply. I got one for £25. Just make sure you get an unused one. Cynical old me thinks ME was used by MSoft as a trial run for XP and look at the problems with it (allegedly).

  polymath 20:49 07 Feb 2003

I use USB printer & scanner with 98SE - no problem. With my luck, I'm sure I'd have found it if there was!

  Pesala 21:01 07 Feb 2003

Phil, I don't understand what Cyberscrub is supposed to do. How will it help Windows ME run more reliably?

  Philip2 01:31 08 Feb 2003

The Cyberscrub is software that removes deleted files from your HD when you delete files they are still left on your HD and removing them will free up disk space this may or may not be of use in your case,I run a dual boot system and have never had major problems with Windows ME but there you go.

  leo49 01:50 08 Feb 2003

Set up and maintained properly, ME is a rock solid OS - I run several flavours of ME without problems. This OS installation I'm typing this on was installed 15 months ago and performs faultlessly.Somehow it seems optimistic to presume all your problems would disappear by installing 98.


  jazzypop 01:57 08 Feb 2003

I totally agree with leo49. My teenage sons run ME on one of my older PCs. They are constantly installing and uninstalling games, downloading all sorts of garbage from the Web, and generally doing their best to break it.

It has run without fault like that for 18 months. No intervention required from me at all.

If you want to list your ME problems in details (perhaps in a new thread with a more appropriate title), I feel pretty sure that between us we can get things stable for you.

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