Windows 98SE 128 bit encryption

  the2bobs 09:41 30 Jan 2008

I have an existing wireless network with a single PC runnig Microsoft Vista OS with a Belkin F5D9050uk adapter connecting to an Echolife HG520s router, the system is running on a WEP 128 bit secure network with no problems.

I want to add another older PC to the network running Windows 98SE and have purchased a Belkin F5D7000uk deaktop card as this supports the operating system. I have installed the software and the card and can see my network via the Wireless Network Utility screen. Unfortunately when I try to connect to my network I receive the following error message "Limited or no connectivity. The WEP key entered may be incorrect. Edit the pofile for this network and retype the key". I have carried out these instruction on numerous occations but still cannot connect.

I have reconfigured the network through the router software to an unsecured open network and I am able to successfully connect to it through the F5D7000uk adapter however I do not want to run an unsecured network for obvious reasons. The problem is clearly with the 128 bit WEP encryption via Windows 98SE and the Belkin F5D7000uk adapter rather than an incorrectly entered WEP passphrase.

Can anyone please suggest how I can resolve this problem. I have asked the Belkin helpdesk and all I can get ou of them is re-enter the WEP passphrase. Is the issue with the adapter, the operating system or the router? Are there any other drivers I can use with this adapter or do the Windows 98SE configuration settings need changing?

  mgmcc 20:42 30 Jan 2008

128-bit WEP must use an encryption key of either 13 ASCII characters or 26 Hexadecimal characters. However, some networking hardware doesn't like ASCII keys, so make sure you use a 26 character Hexadecimal key.

The Hexadecimal characters are the numerals "0" to "9" and letters "a" to "f" only - a total of sixteen characters.

  the2bobs 09:43 31 Jan 2008

Thanks for the response, I think you may be correct in your assumption that the conversion of my 13 digit password to hex may be the route of my problem.

I have tried to find the actual hex characters that the router is using, these are are unknown to me because I have only every entered a 13 digit password. Any idea how I can go about this? I've had a look at the router setup but this only shows me 13 dots where the password is entered.

  the2bobs 11:42 31 Jan 2008

mgmcc thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I have been on the net and found a site that converted my ASCII password to Hex, having entered this I am now able to connect. It appears that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have their own hex converstion encryption and this was not compatable with my router.......... You're a star many thanks.

  srmason 09:33 11 May 2008

Hi I have the same problem, what was the site u refers to?

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