Windows 98 Won't recognise my new 120gb hard drive

  Dollybird 09:28 26 Feb 2005

I have made a new build PC using Giga-byte 7NF RZ motherboad Bios version F4. Bios recognised my 120gb
hard drive but Windows 98 sees it as 1.99gb! Any advise please.

  VoG II 09:42 26 Feb 2005

Does click here help?

  VoG II 09:55 26 Feb 2005

via e-mail

Windows 98 OS Processor is Semperon 2800+ bus speed 166mhz Front side bus 33Mhz, but bios not seeing as this thinks its Athlone 1200 ram is 512 400DDR. I am a first time builder.


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  Storik 10:08 26 Feb 2005

that reading from "email" that VOG posted, that you have your bus speed set too low. I think it should be 200Mhz, not 166Mhz.

Thanks VOG, as usual, a very helpful pointer (the web site).


  ACOLYTE 10:39 26 Feb 2005

click here This may help with the hard drive problem as for the CPU it can be 166/200 depending on what version of the CPU you have.

  Dollybird 09:37 27 Feb 2005

Thanks to all hard drive now fixed downloaded fdisk for windows 98 as advised formated and partioned all is ok with hard drive.

However still have problem with processor tried to alter settings will not boot.

  ACOLYTE 11:36 27 Feb 2005

Just a thought does your Motherboard support sempron CPU's? it may need a Bios update to be able to see it correctly.

  Dollybird 12:11 27 Feb 2005

Motherboard is said to support this processor. I have downloaded version F4 Bios to no avail. Maybe I'm not getting system clock settings right?

  Storik 15:35 27 Feb 2005

Just a thought. You don't have to set jumpers on your board to obtain 200Mhz do you?

Of course as ACOLYTE states, depends on what processor you have.

Never mind, worth a thought, methinks.


  Dollybird 20:33 27 Feb 2005

Made a cup of coffee picked up the mobo manual
and read it again! I had set the system clock incorrect and the Bios frequency bit. Once reset
picked up processor. Once again thanks to all
for your helpful advice. Great site will be regular user I think!!!


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