Windows 98 & Windows 98SE

  Craig-289433 15:03 26 Jul 2003

What is the main difference between windows 98 and windows 98SE and can 98 be upgraded by using windows update to 98SE

  Stuartli 15:32 26 Jul 2003

According to Microsoft, Windows 98 was going to prove faster, more reliable, more efficient and with more hardware and software support features etc etc....:-)

You will need the Windows98SE upgrade disk but, if 98 is working OK, then it's not the end of the world. It's only about eight months since I upgraded to SE and it brought with it the need to download all the upgrades, patches, shutdown supplement etc from the Windows Update site.

Took about a fortnight to do it all at the time using dialup.

  spikeychris 15:44 26 Jul 2003

Shutdown issues are very common as Stuartli points out. Bundled IE was one of the big moves in SE. click here for more info.

BTW, great question, "can 98 be upgraded by using windows update to 98SE" thats not how M$ work.


  Craig-289433 18:39 26 Jul 2003

So Windows 98 and Windows 98SE are in essences two different operating systems. But can you upgrade Windows 98 to Windows 98SE by downloading the updates on the update site.

I ask because the audio drivers which I am downloading from the Nvidia site, state that the are supported for 98SE and Win ME, but not for earlier operating systems and I am having problems with this driver having a yellow exclamation mark in the device driver.

  woodchip 18:46 26 Jul 2003

You cannot make 98 into 98se, you can download as many patches as you like you wil still not have 98se

  Craig-289433 19:07 26 Jul 2003

Thanks woodchip that is what I really wanted to know and would explain why my audio drivers aren't working.

  woodchip 19:12 26 Jul 2003

What make audio and model. Is there a speaker icon in the system tray

  Stuartli 20:50 26 Jul 2003

I pointed out that you would need the Win98SE upgrade disk (i.e. CD-ROM) to gain the SE benefits..:-)

The updates I mentioned via Windows Update arose/arise because of Microsoft's usual mishmash of an OS and the need to improve security and other measures, especially with IE.

There are dozens of them which have mounted up over the past few years.

  Craig-289433 21:00 26 Jul 2003

It is the nvidia built in Audio on the Asus A7N8X motherboard.

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