Windows 98 Upgrade

  Bob The Nob© 13:54 16 Jun 2004

Hi folks, I have windows 98 1st edition and would like to use my PCI USB card but the drivers only support Windows 98 SE, The internet site doesn't contain any windows 98 1st ed. drivers so I would like Windows 98 SE Installed on my PC is there any way I can download an update to turn my Windows 98 1st ed. to SE?

Thanks Bob T Nob (C)

  Tog 14:06 16 Jun 2004

98 to 98SE isn't an update, it's an upgrade. You can buy an upgrade but for the price difference you may as well get a full version. Have a look at ebay

  Simsy 14:12 16 Jun 2004

but I'm pretty sure that's not correct Tog... 98 to 98se is a free update, I'm sure.

Having said that, I'm crap at tracking this sort of thing down!

Apologies if I'm wrong.



  Tog 14:41 16 Jun 2004

98SE was a whole new issue, hence you can still buy upgrade disks on ebay.

  Simsy 15:57 16 Jun 2004

the upgrade discs are for upgrading to win98se from win 95 or earlier. Are you sure that's not the case?



  Tog 16:19 16 Jun 2004

Ahhh, erm...

  Tog 16:26 16 Jun 2004

In that a case a quick visit to Micro$oft update at click here should do the trick. Unless it's not an update...

  Megatyte 16:28 16 Jun 2004

98SE was a new OS, not an upgrade. If you want it you're going to have to pay for it.


  Megatyte 16:29 16 Jun 2004

...not an upgrade.. = not an update.



  Simsy 18:45 16 Jun 2004

I stand corrected.




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