[DELETED] 20:09 06 Nov 2003

my uncle has been having problems with his pc and needs to do a system restore.

he's tried scanreg/restore from the dos prompt but all he keeps getting is a message saying bad command or filename.

he said that last time he did a system restore he typed something into the run box but cant remember what it was

any help would be appreciated


  powerless 20:13 06 Nov 2003


  bremner 20:13 06 Nov 2003

Have a look here

http: //;en-us;245412&Product=w98

Remove the spaces each side of the //

  [DELETED] 20:16 06 Nov 2003

cheers for the quick replies but the windows support page was the 1st place i tried with no luck

  powerless 20:18 06 Nov 2003

scanreg/restore - Have you a typo or did you you type this? If you did it is wrong.

The / needs to be on the other side.

scanreg /restore

  [DELETED] 20:19 06 Nov 2003

Hi Sgt Barnes,

If your uncle has a win98 or win98se cd has he tried running the System File Checker? (SFC)

to do this put the cd into the cd drive,turn off the win98 page when it comes up by left clicking the 'X' in the top right hand corner of the screen.

then go to and type into the box sfc and press enter.

he will then be taken to the system file checker box. make sure he has scan for altered files ticked and then run a scan.

SFC will now look for any system files that have been corrupted.

If nothing has been found tick the advanced option and tick the alterd and missing files box and run again.


ps what exactly is the problem your uncle has with his PC?

  [DELETED] 20:36 06 Nov 2003

he just phoned me and said that when he tried to reboot the pc he gets messages in the bootup saying loads of files are missing and then gets smiley faces all over the screen then the pc does nothing and he has to press reset or the off switch.

i suggested to him that i'd install xp for him and then try to recover any old files he has lost with recovery software.

  [DELETED] 20:38 06 Nov 2003

From that description, I'd take some anti-virus software with you!

  powerless 20:41 06 Nov 2003

Send him AVG click here and tell him to to start his computer in safe mode click here , install AVG and run a virus check, the virus defs will be out of date but its worth a try. Also try stinger... click here

Or if he has AV then tell him t start in safe mode and run a scan.

  [DELETED] 20:44 06 Nov 2003

and 'the cleaner' click here its a 30 day free trial...update and run after virus scan.


  [DELETED] 20:47 06 Nov 2003

it wont boot in safe mode either.

what i'm going to do is install xp on an empty hdd that i've got and slave his hdd to it , recover the files he needs then run every piece of anti-virus ,adware and spyware software available to man as we know it , then transfer them to my external hdd.

once i've done this i'll fdisk and format his hdd , install windows and install avg etc. for him.

then plug the external hdd in and scan the files again to see if they are safe and if they are then i'll copy them to his hdd.

the stuff he wants to recover are holiday and birthday party photos (yes i know he should have backed them up) so hopefully i'll be alright and windows 98 will just be a memory

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