windows 98 second edition updates

  User-95D222A0-F563-4937-96E70EDE3772D7A7 19:15 08 Feb 2004

I have a PressDV camera which requires windows 98 second edition to install DV3300 Driver (For 98SE user) on my P.C. However I have only windows 98. Is there a suitable upgrade that would allow me to install ?

  Never again 19:40 08 Feb 2004

I think that you might have to buy a 2nd hand original version of second edition, as windows updates only updates your own version of your os.

There are plently about in ebay, etc.

(If you get stuck contact me again as i have a couple from various pc's Ive bought and used over the last couple of years and I've upgraded to win me - so I don't really need them).

  Chegs © 19:48 08 Feb 2004

Windows 98, not "SE"
If you are using Windows 98, not Windows 98 SE and your card is an OHCI card, you can load and reload the card drivers all day, the card typically is reported as working properly, and everything looks wonderful, and then either you cannot load the camcorder drivers or they just plain don't seem to work. This is the typical behavior of these cards under the original Windows 98. The card appears to work properly, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot get the camcorder driver to work...
Sorry, but it's time to upgrade to 98SE! Want to get something newer than 98SE? Hopefully you can hold out for Windows XP, which should be much, much better than Windows ME.

From here click here but its refering to installation of IE1394,although I searched for "PressDV camera Driver + 98"

  R4 19:54 08 Feb 2004

All the Win 98 upgrades are availble from here:- click here

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