windows 98 second eddition pc

  nikef 09:43 27 May 2006

was given this old pc,win98se everything works great except when i try to listen to music,i can see the video playing on the music cd but no sound,all other windows sounds and some of my daughters educational cds i can hear perfect,windows media player is on the pc and quick time to,is there anyone that could help me on this one as its been a long time sinse i used 98,internet is not an option on this pc as no usb ports thanks

  mattyc_92 09:48 27 May 2006

Have you checked all the "Volume Levels"?

Double-click the "speaker" icon in the System Tray (next to the clock)

Make sure all is on MAX and is not muted... You may need to click "Options->Properties" and tick all the "Volume Controls"

  nikef 09:55 27 May 2006

thankyou mattyc will go and have a look

  Stuartli 10:00 27 May 2006

You may need to install additional video and audio codecs. The standard K-Lite pack (freeware if you download at click here) will serve virtually 100 per cent of your needs).

It will probably also prove very beneficial to install the Unofficial Windows 98SE Pack from:

click here

which comprises all 98SE updates, critical updates etc until MS ceased supporting the OS.

  Stuartli 10:02 27 May 2006

Re internet use. This can easily be achieved by obtaining a USB2 PCI two or (preferably) four port card; you will have to install the USB2 drivers that will/should come with the card on a CD-ROM.

  Diemmess 10:08 27 May 2006

If mattyc_92 idea hasn't worked, it is possible that the audio lead from the CD drive has been disconnected from the sound card (or motherboard if integrated).
It could be that the CDROM was replaced or changed about before you were given this PC and the connecting lead was not installed.
It is a slender (usually grey coloured) sleeved multicore cable with very small block connectors on each end.

  nikef 10:25 27 May 2006

thankyou but i tried what matty suggested and there is nothing muted,cant understand y i can hear some of the sounds and not all,will try your suggestion diemmess as stuartli seems very complicated as i am still a learner, thankyou to all

  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:35 27 May 2006

Has your computer got a separate soundcard or is it using an on board device.

  Wak 15:52 27 May 2006

Is it possible that the CD is looking for REAL Player which you do not have?????
Just a thought!!

  Totally-braindead 17:25 27 May 2006

Is it not that thing about enabling the digital output on the CD drive guys? Can't remember how you get to it though.

  ed-0 17:43 27 May 2006

" Is it not that thing about enabling the digital output on the CD drive guys?"

For windows 98se it's

control panel > multimedia > Audio CD > Add checkmark to 'Enable digital CD-ROM audio for this CD-ROM device

If my memory serves me correctley?

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