Windows 98 SE startup options

  Chris the Ancient 18:20 16 Dec 2003

How's this for a blast fromn the past?

I'm working on a lappie that has Win 98SE as it OpSys.

It has a User Name of something on the lines of "Preferred Customer" and has a Log On screen.

Despite setting TeakUI to automatically logon (yes I remebered to uncheck the "Clear Last User" in "Paranoia")it always requests a logon - and I escape.


Can I change the name of the (only) user?

How the heck do I stop the logon process - it's that long since I did anything in W98, I've forgotten it all!?


  Chris the Ancient 09:46 17 Dec 2003

Seeing as the site was down, I struggled and did it.

I had been looking for a .pwf instead of .pwl (memory plays tricks as you get older!). Once I got that... fine.

Changed the registered user by diving head first into the registry,

So all fine now.


  [email protected]@m 09:50 17 Dec 2003

Taking the battery out worked for me!

  Chris the Ancient 09:56 17 Dec 2003

Althought it's a lappie, it's battery is like the famous parrot. It's dead... It's no moree... etc. (New one arriving today?) So I'm running on mains.

It all got cured by doing the famous thing of 'thinking' about how Win 98SE is set up ,, judicial use of TweakUI and not diving straight into the forum! If one actually uses the brain and work logically (who me?) an answer is there somewhere!


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