Windows 98 SE. Problems in device manager

  jamespond001 09:14 17 Jul 2003

My motherboard (Asus A7V) was repaired. The problem was with the Promise chip (Hard drives were being eaten one after the other!)which was replaced along with the BIOS chip which I was told became corrupted. So I started with a fresh install of the operating system etc. etc. Everything works (Sort of!) but my device manager tells me different.

FIRSTLY. Just before desktop appears I get a message: SYSTEM SETTINGS CHANGE. TO FINISH SETTING UP YOUR NEW HARDWARE, YOU MUST RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. If I answer with a yes the computer restarts but I get the same message. (A never ending loop!)

SECONDLY. In device manager my cdrom and cd writer have red crosses and the primary and secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) have a large question mark + exclamation mark beside them. In the performance tab it tells me: COMPATIBILITY-MODE PAGING REDUCES OVERALL PERFORMANCE. DRIVE C IS USING MS-DOS COMPATIBILITY MODE FILE SYSTEM

I have carried out the instructions in the trouble shooting help files but the problem still persists. Please help as I am ready to shoot 98SE in the head; or should that read myself in the head?

  Yo Sammady Sam 09:57 17 Jul 2003

Have you tried removing the devices with the red cross in device manager then restarting windows to let windows try and find them again?

Probably best to try one at a time to see if that fixes that problem.

  jamespond001 14:33 17 Jul 2003

Not yet Yo but I will. Thanks for the link Beta. I will adress that as well but it will take me quite a few read-throughs.

Thankyou both.

  jamespond001 15:04 17 Jul 2003

Removing the two red crosses has not worked. Now both the entries are recognised only as a 'cdrom' (But in the BIOS they have the right designations!)

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