Windows 98 only detecting 8GB on a 80GB HDD

  Happy Dude 09:49 26 Nov 2006

I've just re-installed Windows 98 on my old computer after my 20GB Hard drive failed. However, installing 98 on my new 80GB Samsung hard drive left me at a dead end; it is only picking up 8 [or rather 7.95gb] of my hard drive. Any ideas why, and, any possible fixes?


  WhiteTruckMan 11:26 26 Nov 2006

and view partition information. It may not be set up correctly.

Does bios correctly identify the drive?
Using win98 suggestes an older machine to me. are you sure the MB can handle a drive that size?


  Wak 11:26 26 Nov 2006

Hi, I could be wrong about this but I believe that Win 98 has the option to be installed as either 16 bit or 32 bit and the 16 bit version only allows (and shows) for the H.D. to be in 2 GB chunks. This was a big drive in 1998!!
If the maximum number of chunks is 4 then you will only see 8GB (4 x 2GB.)
I run Win 98SE (32 bit) and can see the full 40 GB of my hard drive.
Like I say, I could be wrong but at least it's given you somewhere to start looking.

The following could also be of help to you if you care to read the full installing instruction for Win 98.
click here

  Happy Dude 11:53 26 Nov 2006

Wak : I'm running 32-bit version
WhiteTruckMan : Yes I am sure, works fine with 2000, XP [although I do not want to use these as per my system specs (which may help)]

Jetway 720BF/BN mobo
P3 slot 1 500mhz, some reason running at 333mhz
256mb sdram
and the 80gb hard drive

I think my problem MAY be linked to the MB, as in the bios it would always come up as 8xxxmb [dont remember] with all 3 diff. operating systems.

  Happy Dude 05:34 27 Nov 2006

Does anyone know why this is happening; it is quite frustrating

  dms05 07:56 27 Nov 2006

As White truck man says 'what does fdisk report'?

  Crunchy 10:05 27 Nov 2006

Take a look at this utility on the samsung website
click here

  Happy Dude 11:10 27 Nov 2006

get the hard drive stats off the sticker on the HDD and enter them into the bios manually and see if that helps. Will reply with answer asap

  ACOLYTE 14:18 27 Nov 2006

Im not sure but maybe these will help

click here

This one too

click here

It may be you have to update FDISK so it can see all the drive when formating.


  woodchip 15:30 27 Nov 2006

Right click on C:\Drive Properties to check if it's FAT32

  Happy Dude 07:51 30 Nov 2006

ACOLYTE: The first link seems to be my problem; will try ASAP

woodchip: It is Fat32

When I pop the XP CD in there; it comes up as "Partion1"; with the 8gb, and the remaining space. Im thinking ACOLYTE's advice will help.

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