windows 98 no driver and no disk

  nicole_l 15:27 27 Jul 2006

my friend has an old computer with windows 98 second edition. She's tried to get ntl to connect her to broadband but her computer says she has no driver, and to put in her start up disk. Here comes the good bit - She has no start up disk so how does she install the correct driver?

HELP I can get myself round my own XP but drivers are a thing i'm not familiar with so would like some advice.

  ade.h 15:33 27 Jul 2006

Is this for the modem? Did NTL not think to provide an installation CD?

Drivers are straightforward, even with 98's basic form of Plug-n-Play (it used to be called Plug and Prey!)

Just download a driver from the modem manufacturer's support website and install the device with that. There's a New Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel, I believe.

  nicole_l 16:15 27 Jul 2006

i think its a usb driver she needs wot do you think

  nicole_l 16:21 27 Jul 2006

she has a disk from ntl but its coming up error Driver required

  ade.h 16:40 27 Jul 2006

Well, you have not actually told me what the problem hardware is, so I can't offer much comment on that. If this is actually some ADSL service that is piggybacking NTL's phone line, then it might well have a USB interface. To my knowledge, cable modems need an Ethernet interface, however. This is because of the PPP over Ethernet protocol that cable services use.

I noticed that you duplicated this in the Helproom as well.

  woodchip 22:14 27 Jul 2006

She should get a CD for the Modem. That the only disc you need

  woodchip 22:19 27 Jul 2006

If you have your own Router Modem it is just as easy to setup You do not need any discs. Discs should be for USB Frog Modem supplied by NTL it you are on a BT line

  mikesuther 14:14 03 Aug 2006

Hi, I know this may sound obvious but have you followed the instalation instructions that came with ntl modem? before connecting the modem to the pc install the software that came with the modem. once you have done this the computer should recognise the new modem when it is plugged in. if it is not recognised or if you have the software already installed you will need to uninstall the software using add / remove programs or the uninstall icon on the program itself. normally once the software is installed you may need to restart your computer. occasionaly you may need to have a copy of windows 98, because there are certain bits of information that is stored on the disk. normally when you add something to a computer it is straight forward, occasionaly and normally when you are doing a favour, things can go wrong. i hope this has been of some help.

  Diemmess 18:19 03 Aug 2006

Win 98SE acknowledges USB 1 automatically.
If she has the ASDL device to plug into the PC there should be the drivers on a CD supplied with the device.

This must be loaded first, and most important do not connect the USB plug until the computer asks for it.

If she dosn't have a CD for this then a download (which you could do for her) from the manufacturer's website should take care of that.

Last of all load the NTL stuff.

  woodchip 22:18 03 Aug 2006

With Win98se you do not need drivers for a Router Modem Windows as it's own. You only have to setup in the setup page. But if it's a USB modem then you will need drivers

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