Windows 98 with Mini DV/Firewire

  brownsuger 19:48 03 Jul 2003

Just bought a JVC mini DV camcorder.Have installed PCI firewire card ok.Windows cannot find a driver for the camera.have been told windows 98 does not support Mini DV? Can anyone help with this?

  LAP 20:17 03 Jul 2003

brownsuger, I know nothing about win 98 but my Sony mini DV camera came with a cd from which i installed the relevant drivers. Were you meant to get a cd? just a thought..Lap..

  brownsuger 20:32 03 Jul 2003

Yes lap , I have Imagemixer and a Ulead video editting programme which came with camera and firewire card respectively.
When I power the camera it should appear in the device driver list but it is missing.

  LAP 21:08 03 Jul 2003

brownsuger, agreed if the driver is loaded and working correctly etc the camera will appear in the device driver list.

My computer knowledge is limited so lets hope someone can answer your query re 'windows 98 does not support Mini DV' one would have thought that having put the necessary card etc in your computer this should work. (At least it will now go back to the top of the list) best..Lap..

  brownsuger 21:43 03 Jul 2003

Ok Lap , thanks very much

  Patr100 21:57 03 Jul 2003

Win98se does have some firewire support but you may need to install the drivers that came with your card.It can take a little tweaking with your settings before Ulead finds the cam. I use Ulead VideoStudio 4 with Win 98se and firewire.

  Patr100 21:59 03 Jul 2003

Make sure the cam is on before you open the Ulead program. That may help.

  brownsuger 22:59 03 Jul 2003


Do you think that drivers may be on the windows 98 cd as I have tried the software provided by dealer.

  Bagsey 08:51 04 Jul 2003

My experience with video in win98 was all analogue so cant help much with your question directly, I can however point you to click here where I am sure that you should receive advice.

  MichelleC 09:22 04 Jul 2003

Which driver have you installed for firewire card - Texas or Windows?

  Ping Pong 12:52 04 Jul 2003

Check your device manager for conflicts etc:
Also is it Win 98 or Win 98se?
This is important because the earlier version was not particularly stable.
Try to get hold of MGI videowave (latest version) as this program is icon lead. If you can't see you camera immediately using MGI then I suggest emailing JVC. Tell them everything relevant ie: OS/Mem/HD/CPU.
Having worked in photo for numerous years I have found most manufacturers to be good with their support and JVC aren't an exception.
Good Luck

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