windows 98 ME or Windows XP home edition

  rufino 18:31 19 Jun 2004

i have a dell desktop computer with windows98 since february 1999. I am accustomed to windows98 but now my daughter has gifted me with a new computer and i have a choice of windows98ME or windows XP home which will be installed by the vendor. since i know windows98 windows98ME will be easy to operate, i feel apprehensive about windowsXP since i will have to buy books to know more about it, i would like advice on whether i should opt for windows98ME or windowsXP home. please help. thank you

  concretepigsy 18:37 19 Jun 2004

XPis much more stable than 98. you can make XP look and act like 98.

This is what I do and it works well for me

  bremner 18:37 19 Jun 2004

I think you mean 98SE but in any event you will find XP a far better O/S.

It is 6 years since W98 was released and a fair comparison is that is really the equivilant of a broom against a Dyson!

Stands back waiting for the onslaught from the 98 mafia!!!!

  spikeychris 18:38 19 Jun 2004

"since i know windows98 windows98ME will be easy to operate," I take it you mean Win98 or WinME. 98 is a good O/S but ME is dire. Go for XP and get reading, its a far Superior system and as with all new computer paraphernalia its simple to use.

  Tinkey Winkey 18:48 19 Jun 2004


I often here people say Win Me is not very good but they never say why ?

What's sooooooo bad about Me then ???

  sidecar sid 18:51 19 Jun 2004

Iwould agree on the whole with spikeychris XP is the one to go with. I have used 95,98 and ME,now using XP pro and XP gets my vote.Once you get used to it you will wonder how you ever managed without it. ME wasn't bad to use once it had been beaten into submission although it would still occasionally bite you on the bum when you least expected it.

  VoG II 18:52 19 Jun 2004

When I had ME it would crash (blue screen) probably once a day. If it didn't do that it would freeze up, requiring a hard restart. With XP loaded on the same PC it never freezes and I've probably had about three crashes in almost as many years.

I agree - go for XP - it isn't difficult to use.

  spikeychris 19:21 19 Jun 2004

The Pink Panther, do you use ME? if so how many times have you seen "active desktop recovery"? you must have seen it at least once. Its neither one thing or the other, it dumped DOS but still relied on it to an extent. I had to run a network of 6 machines with ME and every re-boot it lost at least one driver.

I do, and always will do, HATE Microsoft Window Millennium with a Passion.

I could go on but my wine glass is empty and I have a thirst on.


  woodchip 19:23 19 Jun 2004

I have both and 98se is more friendlier in my opinion

  woodchip 19:28 19 Jun 2004

98se shuts down and loads a lot faster than XP on my other comp, and it's not because there are background programs that I have running. Speed doing jobs do not seem any faster with XP than 98

  Cuddles 19:37 19 Jun 2004

Why has Windows 200 not had a mention, i feel this sits nicely between 98se and XP,for your own sanity do not go with ME.

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