Windows 98 loop

  badger7 11:54 02 May 2005

Any advice gratefully received! Have just fitted new Maxtor HD, installed Win 98 from recovery floppy and then CD but it keeps looping every time I switch on. It appears to load, gets to desktop then spontaneously reboots again and again and... The BIOS is set to read from CD then HD. Does anyone know of any reasons/solutions?

Many thanks!

  Rocket Rod 12:17 02 May 2005

I know that this is a dumb question, but did you remove the floppy and CD?

  mattyc_92 12:50 02 May 2005

You are correct.... that is a "dumb" question... If a bootable CD (or any floppy disk) is in the system on bootup, you WONT be able to get into Windows until you remove the disk....


This sounds like a currupt file on your system.... Did you FORMAT the drive before installing Windows?

  mattyc_92 12:51 02 May 2005

Sorry, just re-read my previous post and I didn't mean to offend...

  badger7 13:10 02 May 2005

Thanks Rocket and Matty. Yes, I did remove floppy and CD. I tried both quick and long formats for the HD but got the same result. I'm a bit of a novice and only know basics, but wonder if I need a driver for the new HD - none was supplied with the disk - and if so, where I could find one. The other problem is that the pc doesn't have an internet connection, so I can't easily download extra software.

Thanks for any suggestions!

  Klof Ron 14:25 02 May 2005

No driver is required for a HD. What make of PC do you have? When you say "recovery floppy and CD, do you mean a manufacturers recovery disk, or a full retail version of Windows 98.

  mattyc_92 15:26 02 May 2005

That is a good point Klof Ron


Is your Windows liscence a "Boxed" or OEM version (did you buy it from the shops or did it come with the system?)

  badger7 17:04 02 May 2005

PC is an IBM 166 MHz with 256Mb RAM. I couldn't get into the BIOS initially as it was only set to read from a: so I used a Microsoft Win 98 recovery floppy to begin with. This let me get to the BIOS which I changed to read from the CD drive and used the CD which was supplied with the system - presumably a full version but labelled as "not for retail or OEM distribution". Does this help?!

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