Windows 98 Installation

  22715240 11:43 16 Jan 2005

Can I install Windows 98 on a new 80 Gig hard drive? I know that Windows 95 will not install on such a large drive.Info please.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:46 16 Jan 2005

Yes, you can.

Best though to partition the disk.

More depends on your BIOS than on Win98. Check that you have a BIOS number that supports this disk.

  Markdym 11:55 16 Jan 2005


Is this a new disk? Or has it been re-formatted? If you want Windows 98 to utilise as much of the disk as possible you should use Fdisk to delete any existing partitions and create a new one. When you start Fdisk you will be asked if you want to enable large disk support - answer yes.

Note that deleting a partition erases all data from it.

Or, you can create several partitions. This is the better solution as you can install Windows 98 on the first active partition and then install your programs on a second partition and your data on a third.

If Windows crashes, corruption will only occur on the partition on which it is installed. Your data, if stored on a separate partition will be intact!

Another advantage to having more than one partition is that you can store just your page file on one partition. This will stop the pagefile (AKA swap file), from fragmenting, enhancing performance.

  22715240 12:14 16 Jan 2005

This is a new disk that has been formatted, with data on it,used as a secondary HD, but it appears that the primary drive (8 gigs) is now causing problems, and I want to take it off and put the larger drive on as a primary. The system is a Pentium III 450.

  pj123 13:29 16 Jan 2005

As far as I am aware FAT32 cannot cope with partitions bigger than 32gb.

Having said that I have a 120gb hard drive partitioned as 20gb and 100gb on FAT32 and an 80gb partitioned as 2 x 40gb but they are both Maxtor hard drives and I used Maxblast to set them up.

  22715240 13:45 16 Jan 2005

Thanks for advice. I will will have to try and see what I can achieve. But if there is any more info I would appreciate it.

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