Windows 98 incorrect program installation

  johndrew 13:40 21 Jul 2007

This is something quite different that I hope someone here will be able to help with.

A near neighbour (silver surfer like me) bought a TomTom ONE and attempted to install the PC support software; TomTom HOME. When she started installation all appears (from what she says) to have progressed normally but when it came to installation location it seems she chose to install it in `MS Autoroute`. I have found a shortcut for TomTom HOMEWinlatest in the `My Documents` folder but a search has revealed no sign of anything relating to TomTom HOME. When the icon in `My Documents` is clicked it attempts to open `MS Autoroute`. I have tried to reinstall the software but it gets as far as the `Preparing Setup` screen, flashes and closes.

Obviously she has managed to change something fundamental but with my limited knowledge I really have no other ideas as to where to look.

I should add that she has no internet access (doesn`t want it) but really should back up the TomTom as otherwise she may lose the content of the memory card.

Any help would be appreciated.

  howard64 14:22 21 Jul 2007

if she has not restarted too many times you can use the command prompt to run scanreg /Fix

  howard64 14:23 21 Jul 2007

this can put the pc back to how it was but only 4 restarts - it was the forerunner of system restore.

  johndrew 14:40 21 Jul 2007

Thanks for coming back.

It is to late for that action I`m afraid. The PC has been shut down and started at least six times; and I`m guilty of one restart.

I also hoped for some sort of restore but was unaware of that command or the facility. You do confirm my belief that it is a Registry problem though. Pity there isn`t a `Windows Install Clean Up` utility for Win98 - or is there?

  johndrew 10:00 22 Jul 2007


  johnnyrocker 11:35 22 Jul 2007

what about trying in dos scanreg /restore which should give you a choice of 5 last good working dates?


  johndrew 13:00 22 Jul 2007

Thanks for the suggestion but as I said above the Pc has been started at least 6 times (and she was using it again today) since the installation attempt.

I am open to suggestions. I intend to try Ccleaner which is cleared for Win98 and see if there are any conflicts which may resolve the problem. If she had a backup I would use that but no .....

  johnnyrocker 13:10 22 Jul 2007

i am not aware of the number of times re booted affects my suggestion, as i said it gives last known good dates ( done it several times with sons win 98 )


  johndrew 14:31 22 Jul 2007

I think a `good date` may well refer to a successful boot. The PC has booted successfully each time, it is a problem that has been created with a link from an icon to the wrong program which, presumably, is stopping the correct installation of the program and causing the icon to `think` it wants to open Autoroute rather than TomTom Home. TomTom Home will not install, I think, because it thinks Autoroute is TomTom Home and is already there. What I need to do is remove/change the Registry entry that has been corrupted and I have no idea how. I`m also wary of making changes to the Registry because without the knowledge of what I`m doing, I could make things much worse. Bit of a catch 22 really.

I shall, when access allows, try your suggestion but I fear the dates will all be well post that on which the `sin` was created.

  wjrt 16:53 22 Jul 2007

what about removing all traces of both auturoute and tom tom and then reinstalling both

  woodchip 17:34 22 Jul 2007

Go to Start Find look for Tom Tom

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