Windows 98 and Icons Not present

  User-312386 00:14 28 Mar 2005

Hi all

I have a Windows 98 PII which has a problem. The Icons on the "My Computer", "Recycle Bin" and Network Neighbourhood" are incorrect. If you click here you will see what i mean.

I have tried Tweakui to repair the icons without success and also deleted the C:\windows\"ShelliconCache to rebuild

None have been successful

Need help here guys

I have not worked on a Win98 computer for years.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:23 28 Mar 2005

Can you customize the desktop, in display properties, and change the icons to another, then reboot and change them back to the original.

  User-312386 00:26 28 Mar 2005

Sorry where are "Display Properties"? In win98?

  britto 00:43 28 Mar 2005

r/click empty desktop select proprieties then effects the choice is then change icon or use default

  User-312386 00:44 28 Mar 2005

Be back in 10

watch this space

  User-312386 00:55 28 Mar 2005

you are a mega star

all sorted and here is a screen shot click here

Thanks again

  THE TERMINATOR 01:03 29 Mar 2005

Glad I could help

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