Windows 98 on floppies?

  phil 15:00 12 Jan 2003
  phil 15:00 12 Jan 2003

I have been given an old Toshiba laptop with a corrupted Windows 95 o/s on it (I have no discs) and I would like to replace it with Windows 98.

I have a 98 CD but the lappie doesn't have a CD Drive. I tried Direct Cable Connection with a PC but it's not available on the Toshiba and, as I said, I have no discs to install it.

Is it possible to get 98 on floppies and if so where from? I have tried Ebay and P2P networks without any joy.

Could I make my own from the CD and how many floppies would I need? Is it difficult?

  brianthesnail 15:04 12 Jan 2003

Someone has already bought the world supply of floppies this weekend click here

I don't think it's viable really.


  spuds 16:15 12 Jan 2003

This subject as been posted before on this forum, and the response was very downside, and not very feasible.Far too many floppies required.

  1st RHA 16:24 12 Jan 2003

bought a pcmcia cd drive loaded driver from floppy and installed 98 off disc good luck!

  Forum Editor 16:45 12 Jan 2003

getting an external CD drive to work with Toshiba laptops is that you need some Toshiba software first. Have alook on the Toshiba site, and see if you can download the utility disks for your model. Then install them, and then get hold of a PCMCIA card CD drive.

Don't hold your breath as far as the floppies are concerned, and certainly don't attempt to get anything from P2P networks - you'll be breaking the law.

  Forum Editor 17:01 12 Jan 2003

have added that many of the Win98 Cab files are bigger than the capacity of a floppy disk, and even if you were able to do the job you would probably be looking at about 250 floppies - they would probably cost you more than the laptop's worth.

Have you checked to see that it meets the Win 98 installation requirements anyway?

  siarad 17:09 12 Jan 2003

You need to copy the CAB files, about 20, to floppies. However they are the full floppy 2MB & I don't know where you'll get a formatter for that as it's normally 1.45MB. The biggest formatter I have is 1.7Mb which was used for floppy Word etc. Maybe someone has such a formatter. Good luck

  pj123 17:15 12 Jan 2003

somewhere in my garage (which I have never been able to get my car in) I am sure I have an external CD drive for a toshiba. Give me a few days and I will see if I can locate it. send me an email with your email address and I will contact you direct.

  greenlamp 18:00 12 Jan 2003

while win98 may be a non-starter win95 on floppies may still be seen occasionaly at computer fairs (cost £20-£30).

  The PC Doctor 21:14 12 Jan 2003

I would suggest that it isn't worth it.

I only did this once and vowed never again.

I zipped laplink to floppies, unzipped & installed on the laptop then used a serial crossover cable to connect to another PC.

Once the connection was established I used it to copy Win98 to the laptop (Took forever!) I then used DOS to delete everything on the laptop Hard Drive (Exept Win98) then just ran setup.

All in all it took me nearly three days to sort out.

These days I would only do it if I used and network card in the laptop !

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