MAD_MIKE 01:03 13 Dec 2004

can anyone please recommend a firewall for windows 98 preferably free and where to get it from. thanks.

  griffon 56 01:12 13 Dec 2004

Hi mad mike,

The one highly recommended by everyone is FREE from click here and is called Zone Alarm. It's an old established company and the product works well. I've used it for some years now and had no trouble at all. It's fairly easy to configure and comes with a talk you through tutorial which sets it up as you want it. If you have any problems, get back.

  griffon 56 01:18 13 Dec 2004

P.S. If you are looking for a firewall it's just occurred to me you might be looking for a virus checker too. There's a very good FREE one at click here called AntiVirusGold, very easy to set up and update. A recent review in Micromart rated it equal second with Trend PC-cillin and higher than Kaspersky, both of which cost dosh.

  MAD_MIKE 01:35 13 Dec 2004

HI THERE griffon56
i didn't think zonealarm worked on win98 i use it on my pc with xp and think it's exelent, if you'r correct i will download a coppy and pass it on to my sister inlaw as she desparatly needs a firewall

  chilepicker 02:02 13 Dec 2004

I don't know about Win 98 other than SE. I have used Zone Alarm (and recently went to Zone Alarm Pro -- which is Not free) with Win98SE for years. It works very well.


  ste_bla 02:12 13 Dec 2004

sygate works with 98se

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