Windows 98 Error Message

  Glynne-220830 18:52 08 Oct 2003

I have suddenly started to get the following message on boot up :

"The WINMM.DLL File can not start" This seems to be affecting several programmes on my PC which do not now work e.g. Nero, Lotus organizer, WinAmp etc.. I have reinstalled the WINMM.DLL file from my Windows 98 CD however this has not resolved the problem. Not sure what to do next if anyone could suggest a solution I would be msot grateful.

  The Sack 18:54 08 Oct 2003
  Glynne-220830 19:25 08 Oct 2003

The Sack

Many thanks for the quick response.The following solution was provided

"Extract the corresponding file in place of the one listed in the error message you received. In the instructions that follow, replace <name> with the name of the appropriate file. This file will be one of the following files:
Commctrl.dll for Comctl32.dll
Commdlg.dll for Comdlg32.dll
Shell.dll for shell32.dll
Lzexpand.dll for Lz32.dll
Ver.dll for Version.dll
Mmsystem.dll for Winmm.dll

I think I'm showing my lack of PC know how , but not quite sure how to "extract" the file, & do I need to perform this task for every Programme on my PC or just once - Sorry, Sure its clear to a more experienced PC user, however I think I fall into the beginers category.


  R4 19:53 08 Oct 2003

If you are using Windows 98, and Windows 98 starts, use the System File Checker tool to replace the damaged file with a new copy of the original file.

Click Start ::

run ::

Type in SFC :: Click 'OK'

Click Extract one file from installation disk.

Type the name of the file in File to extract, or click Browse.

Click Start.

In Restore From, type the name of the folder where the .cab files are located on your installation disk.

If necessary, change the path in Save file in.

Click OK.

You can also open System File Checker by clicking Start,
Select Programs,
Select Accessories,
Select to System Tools,
click on System Information.
In System Information,
click on Tools,
click on System File Checker.

  keith-236785 20:04 08 Oct 2003

click here and click on download at the bottom of the screen,

save it to your computer and make a note of where it is, AT THIS POINT BEFORE YOU RUN ANYTHING CHECK IT FOR ANY VIRUS'S.

you will need winzip to open the file (unpack) available by clicking the link (where it says Winzip) on the web site. also check for virus's

once you have unpacked the file, right click on the file and choose copy.

open My Computer/C:/windows/system (or system32) and right click in the window and choose paste.

then try to run your programs again.

hope it helps good luck.

if you have any problems just come back and we will try again.

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