Windows 98 DVD drive holds information

  Totally-braindead 02:15 16 Oct 2006

I've just been repairing a Asrock K7NF2R motherboard based computer as the hard drive failed. The rest of the specs are 512mb RAM, ATI 9000 graphics card 80 GIG SATA hard drive and its got Windows 98SE on it.

Now this is the new hard drive thats on it and its a SATA one. The system works perfectly but with one little glitch. If you have a DVD in the drive, like a film and you've been watching it, then you exit Power DVD and eject the disk and then insert any other disk the computer keeps insisting that the DVD is still in the drive. I can get round this by right clicking on the DVD drive and clicking eject it then recognises a new disk being inserted but its very annoying. It does this all the time when a DVD is inserted and some of the time when a CD is inserted.

Anyone know why it does this and have a solution or idea of what I can try to solve it. I've got work in about 4 hours so I've given up just now, I'll check back tommorrow and see if anyone has any ideas.
Windows 98 did have a tendency to "hold on" to the memory I recall and I am kind of wondering if it might be that or something to do with using a SATA drive with Windows 98. I tried another CD Rom but it does the same thing occassionally with a CD.

Its times like this I hate PCs.

  Totally-braindead 14:43 16 Oct 2006

Well I'm at work now been looking at the Microsoft site for Win 98 but can't find anything there, at least not yet.

  Totally-braindead 23:13 16 Oct 2006

Anyone any ideas. I still think its something to do with the memory not letting go under Win 98, I've got vague recollections of it but its been quite a while since I used anything but XP.
I might just see what XP does on the system and upgrade it if I can't get to the bottom of this.

  woodchip 23:18 16 Oct 2006

It's one of the Bugs of 98se I use it on my main Computer. Although I have a XP desktop and Laptop. It must also be a Via Chipset on the MOBO as a SIS does not work with SATA on 98se, I had to fit a PCI board for Sata and USB2 etc this as a Via chipset

  Totally-braindead 00:14 17 Oct 2006

Its not a VIA chipset its a NForce2 chipset. Is there a workaround do you know?

  woodchip 09:22 17 Oct 2006

No I think you will find as I said that it 98se that's the problem. Give you a bit of what I get. When in Windows Explorer, If I put a CD in drive Brows the CD and take it out then put another cd in the drive, the contents of the old CD still show. I have to double click on folders on the right for it to do anything. All software as them BUGS

  Totally-braindead 15:15 17 Oct 2006

So there isn't a fix. Well never mind. Thanks anyway. I think I'll go try XP on it and see what it does.
I'll tick this as resolved anyway.

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