Windows 98 in DOS

  Blue Bop 11:13 10 Aug 2003

I have formatted my hard drive and am now trying to reinstall windows 98 from DOS. I have the Win 98 disk and a startup floppy but am not sure how i reinstall. Any suggestions?

  seedie 11:34 10 Aug 2003

Can you go into your bios and boot from your w98 CDrom. (press delete?) as your puter is starting

  JIM 11:35 10 Aug 2003

if you want to follow the MS.



If you are starting with a clean or new hard disk or if you have problems running Setup from your previous version of Windows, you may have to run Windows 98 Setup from MS-DOS. Although installing from MS-DOS is typically the slower method of installation, it is often the safest and should be used when other types of installations fail.

MS-DOS Boot Hot Keys
There are several ways to boot your system to an MS-DOS command prompt safely. The easiest way is by using these hot keys:

Windows 98
Hold the CTRL key down while your computer is booting. This will take you directly to the Windows 98 Boot Menu (the F8 key is still functional, but there is no "Starting Windows 98" prompt in Windows 98, so it's hard to know exactly when to press it).
Windows 95
Press the F8 key at the "Starting Windows 95" prompt. This will take you to the Windows 95 Boot Menu.
MS-DOS 6.x
Press the F8 key at the "Starting MS-DOS" prompt. This will allows you to manually choose which drivers to load or to bypass your system files.
Real-mode CD-ROM drivers
You will need real-mode CD-ROM drivers loaded so you can access the Windows 98 CD. If you have run Windows 98 Setup before and have created a Startup Disk, you can use the CD-ROM drivers included on that disk. If you do not have a Startup Disk, you will need to run the installation program that came with your CD-ROM hardware.

After you have access to your CD-ROM drive, you can switch to the drive containing the Windows 98 CD and type: SETUP. Setup should now continue.

click here

  Wak 11:37 10 Aug 2003

Hi Blue Bop, Have a look at click here for full instructions.

  Blue Bop 11:37 10 Aug 2003

I've gone into the BIOS but i'm not sure how i boot from the cd rom.

  Terrahawk 11:39 10 Aug 2003

insert the floppy into the a drive boot machine at A:\ prompt change the drive letter to that of your cd drive so A:\ should become D:\ or E:\ depending on the drive letter once you have done this insert the cd then type setup up if that dosn't work install so should look like this D:\setup then press enter and follow the on screen instructions

  Kitz E Kat 11:48 10 Aug 2003

In your BIOS you should see 'boot device' , normally this is set to , floppy ,as the first boot device, CD drive as second and HD as third. In newer BIOS you can change this to CD as first boot device and floppy as second boot device, save and exit.

You should be now able to boot from the CD.

If you have an older computer you may well not be able to do this.

As far as im concerned it dont make much odds, in your case, if you have a boot floppy, you can install off that with no problems

Good luck

  Blue Bop 11:49 10 Aug 2003

now i'm having problems using the CD ROM. I used the Win98 startup disk with CDROM support but when i try to run setup from the disk i get the following message:

CDR101: Not ready reading drive E

I have tried to do this for both drive D and drive E

  Kitz E Kat 11:53 10 Aug 2003

You say you formatted the HD, i presume that you also partitioned the HD also....

If so then just fire up off the floppy, let it do its thing,,,, when its gets to a command prompt type SETUP as Jim said and after that follow your nose, it will ask for the CD load it up and your on easy street!!!!

Kitz E

  Blue Bop 12:24 10 Aug 2003

Thanks all. Seems to be working now. My CD drive had changed to F.

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