Windows 98 does not remember installed cd rom 13:03 10 Oct 2004

I have installed a Mitsumi CD RW drive in my computer...

On starting the computer the CD Rw Drive is detected as the Secondary Master by the Computer BIOS but is not identified by Windows 98.

I have to go to Control Panel and Add New Hardware before the CD RW drive is detected.

On next boot up Windows 98 again fails to identify CD RW drive

Any ideas on how to resolve?

  Diemmess 17:02 10 Oct 2004

Asuming that while recognised, the CDROM does work?

Having had similar problems recently, helping a daughter and grandson with a replacement Hard Disk, I wonder if you have set the jumper on the CDROM correctly.

In the case of the HD, I messed about for quite a while before settling for the Cable Select option on the drive's jumper, and Auto in the computer BIOS.

No guarantees, but probably worth trying. 10:51 11 Oct 2004

Thanks Diemmess

I had checked jumpers and they were set correctly and the CD RW worked correctly once identified using Add New Hardware.

Since the posting, I reinstalled Windows 98 and it identified the CD RW so everything is now OK.

I'm still a bit curious though as to why the CD RW was lost once the computer was rebooted before reinstalling Windows 98.

Any ideas anyone?

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