Windows 98 crash

  [DELETED] 06:46 10 Nov 2003

My friends PC runs windows 98 and was accidentally left on after an Internet session by her 12 year old son.
When you now turn on the PC, it goes straight to the start up options screen e.g. start in normal mode, or safe mode, stepped mode, etc.
If you try and start in any option but command propmpt it says that it cannot because files DBLBUFF.SYS and IFSHLP.SYS are missing. (you can however see the directory structure etc by using the old DOS commands from the command prompt)
Can anyone help by letting me know if I can get it to work by just copying the files straight from the windows 98 disk, or do I need to do something else?
Also, has anyone got any idea why this should have happened to prevent it happening again.

Thanks for you time.


  [DELETED] 07:15 10 Nov 2003

Hi Bob. This is not an unusual problem, for example see this site which also has some suggested solutions (especially read the solution from Jesse) click here. It looks like the problem may not be that the files are missing, but that they are incorrectly called from another file - possibly Config.sys or (more likely) msdos.sys. Try searching your C: drive for these files. They should be in C:\WINDOWS. If they are missing, you can extract them from your Windows98 disk, or e-mail me via the envelope alongside my nickname and I'll send you the files. You should also do a scan for viruses. The site referenced above suggests that a virus is the cause.

  [DELETED] 07:18 10 Nov 2003

It could solve your problem by, as you say, copying the 2 files into the system folder of win98. Win 98 has never been a very stable system that is why I moved up to 2000. In response to what could have happened - the machine might have been turned off without closing down properly corrupting the 2 files in question.

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