Windows 98 & cable broadband

  Dowman 09:37 30 Apr 2004


Has anyone subcribed to a cable broadband company and had problems with Windows 98 freezing at random intervals, and having to restart a couple of times before it behaves itself.

I used to have Win98 until I got so fed up with it I purchased Windows 2000 which has better network capabilities.

Can the problem be Windows 98 and networking, not being compatible etc. This problem is now happening to my Uncle with his broadband link and I'm sure we're not alone.

  johnnyrocker 11:01 30 Apr 2004

is your connection usb? if you have win 98 and not se there is virtually no usb support on the early version and that will be your problem.


  Confab 11:08 30 Apr 2004

I have win98 not 98se and have several usb devises and have never had a problem with any of them.


  Dowman 11:11 30 Apr 2004

No, in my case it is a UTP cable modem, connected to a SMC1211 network card. Howevere, in my Uncle's case, he may well be using a USB cable modem. I was using Win98 SE.

I had no problems before broadband, when I was using dial-up 56k modem.

The only thing I can think of is that win98 is a platform designed for home use, gaming and dial-up modems etc, and not a networking environment.

  vinnyo123 13:47 30 Apr 2004

I have used win98 in a networked enviroment and noticed only that it would freeze if the PC was left idle for some time.I just either left a window open or enabled screne saver to solve this instead of searching for problem. other than that I believe It should work and does ,your problem must lie elsewhere. When do you notice it freezing when idle? or using certain programs?

  Dowman 14:01 30 Apr 2004

mainly when i'm using internet explorer and most of the time it freezes when i'm using it.

  johnnyrocker 14:30 30 Apr 2004

broadband via usb is a known issue if in doubt have a whizz round minimum spec pc's for broadband you will find win 98 not supported.


  Smiler 16:47 30 Apr 2004

Dare I say I have had cable broadband for over two years on Win98se using usb, without any adverse affects. (No more blue screens than before and none because of cable broadband) Twelve months ago I wire networked to a laptop running win xp using a pci network card in the desktop & on board lan connection in the laptop. All ok, laptop connects to internet with shared internet connection. I can access the laptop from the pc & vice versa I use the printer attached to the pc from the laptop.

I would say that the problem is hardware based not the operating system.

  Smiler 16:50 30 Apr 2004

PS there could be a software conflict which could be very difficult to find.

Have you got the latest version of IE.

Have you tried using another browser such as netscape or mozilla

  vinnyo123 16:53 30 Apr 2004

just curious cpu speed? ram? do you run anti-virus and spyware program? do you clean IE out cookies temp files etc.? on a reguler basis

  johnnyrocker 17:10 30 Apr 2004

smiler my post said exactly that but the poster is on win98


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