Windows 98 boot problem

  graham√ 22:07 11 Jul 2003

This I copied from a local forum, any help will be passed on

I have just been talking to a friend of mine who is having problems with her computer. We're both a bit thick when it comes to technology so if I don't understand any advice I'm given, you'll know why!

My friend can't get her computer to boot up. She says that it displays a message saying "locating boot disk" for about an hour then goes off which is odd. She thinks she may have got a computer virus that has messed things up but since she has no internet and doesnt pass around floppies I dont think this could be it.

She asked me if she could borrow my Restore disks (as she hasn't got any for some strange reason) but I don't know whether this would work as her computer is Windows 98 and mine's ME.

Short of calling in a repair guy, what can she do?

  VoG II 22:10 11 Jul 2003

Sorry but her hard drive has gone to wherever hard drives go when they are dead. Open the case and check out the cables but I don't hold out much hope. Sorry again.

  graham√ 22:18 11 Jul 2003

Thanks, I'll pass on the bad news.

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