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Windows 98

  K*B 10:16 10 Mar 2011

Is there anyone out there still running a pc on Win 98? I am! And it is standalone! Is there any antivirus software these days that runs on Win 98? Are there any more fixes for this outdated OS? I want an antivirus software running on this Win 98 pc of mine, then sooner than later migrate to Vista or Win 7. Before I do the migration can someone link me to a free antivirus software for Win 98 platform? Thanks

  Strawballs 15:57 13 Mar 2011

If the computer is not on internet do you use removable storage in at any time if not then not much use for anti-virus.

  woodchip 18:54 13 Mar 2011

Yes it was one hove the old forum members who developed it nickname Flec

  pk46 21:41 13 Mar 2011

How do you get IE5 to work? in W98 as most sites pages won't open!!!!

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