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Windows 98

  K*B 10:16 10 Mar 2011

Is there anyone out there still running a pc on Win 98? I am! And it is standalone! Is there any antivirus software these days that runs on Win 98? Are there any more fixes for this outdated OS? I want an antivirus software running on this Win 98 pc of mine, then sooner than later migrate to Vista or Win 7. Before I do the migration can someone link me to a free antivirus software for Win 98 platform? Thanks

  woodchip 10:26 10 Mar 2011

i run a desktop pc win98se and suggest you download this and load it, i have had it on for years very good. i use a av that i bought many years ago what you cannot now get that runs on 98 never needs updates and never had a virus using it, i dual boot it with win xp home

service pack click here

  woodchip 10:27 10 Mar 2011

the above av will not work on any other os, so on the xp i use free avast

  K*B 14:25 10 Mar 2011

Thanks guys. I'd started thinking my Win 98 has reached a point of no redemption! But Woodchip, if the "Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.1a" is indeed "Unofficial", then is it really safe to install on a pc? Why is it refferred to as "Unofficial"?
The_Doctor, I will certainly download and install AVG free on the pc, but this pc is not on the internet, so how do I manage the new virus definitions that will be available on the internet daily for updating av? thanks.

  woodchip 14:34 10 Mar 2011

As I said Works for me and for years. What it means is that its not been put together by MS, but its all the Win98se Updates as much as you will get and you cannot get them nowhere else

  K*B 14:46 10 Mar 2011

Thanks Woodchip, very well understood.

  K*B 17:50 12 Mar 2011

Version: 7.289
Date added: December 02, 2004
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT

Friends, is there a link to the AVG Free Version 7.289? The link given to me in the thread above is to the latest version which runs on Win 7, Vista & XP. I'm looking for a link to a page with a download button that gives AVG Anti-virus Free version 7.289 as indicated above. Thanks.

  K*B 13:03 13 Mar 2011

Woodchip, in the discription of the service pack you gave me there is the following:

"This is only for WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION ENGLISH. I highly recommend that you should backup your system before installing the pack."

I have downloaded the service pack and am ready to install, but before I do, which system files or folders do I neeed to backup from the Win98SE pc as highly recommended above? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 13 Mar 2011

That's their get out clause.
you really need to make a copy of the whole windows folder which you can't do as windows is using it.

The best way is to use cloning software to make an image of the whole drive to an external drive.

However I would make a back up of the registry make sure I had a boot floppy disk made and then install the service pack.

  woodchip 14:39 13 Mar 2011

No Idea I just ran the update without any problems

  woodchip 14:41 13 Mar 2011

Windows Makes a Backup of the Registry each time it starts and can be restored in DOS By booting with the 98se floppy or Safe Mode then choose DOS from the list

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