windows 95 wont start

  .d 12:01 06 Jun 2005

i have acquired a very old laptop but when i turn it on all i get is this : >C:\DOS\SMARTDRV EXE/X then c prompt what do i do please ?
If its any help its ver 6.21

  Diodorus Siculus 12:38 06 Jun 2005

Do you have win95 on floppies or CD?

  .d 13:09 06 Jun 2005

no discs with computer but i have a boot disc on floppy i downloaded in the past.

  Completealias 13:34 06 Jun 2005

Looks like you have got dos installed on there

At the c prompt type dir and press enter what is listed? If you have a windows directory there at the c prompt type win and press enter this should boot into windows. I suspect that you have just got dos installed on there thou

  .d 13:43 06 Jun 2005

Volume in drive c is ms dos 6

  Completealias 13:44 06 Jun 2005

Another thread that I was looking at had this apparently they will send you the disk for postage only click here click on the software and there is windows95 listed

  .d 13:44 06 Jun 2005

oops it posted without the rest
volume serial number is 2D69-0422

  Completealias 13:46 06 Jun 2005

You only got dos installed then you could try that link that I posted although I haven't used it myself

  .d 13:50 06 Jun 2005

directory of c:dos <dir> 01/01/90 17.12 54,619 13/02/94 6:21
wina 20 386 9, 349 13/02/ 94 6:21
config sys 144 09/11/02 0:38
autoexec bat 188 09/ 11/02 0:38
5 files 64,300 bytes
521,207808 bytes free
hope this helps

  .d 13:57 06 Jun 2005

not a very helpful link sorry but thanks completealias

  Completealias 13:59 06 Jun 2005

Looks to me as if you only have DOS installed if you want windows 95 on the laptop then you will need to get hold of a copy the link that I posted above will apparently supply you with a disk for only the cost of postage.

Do you know the specs of the laptop eg processor speed,hard drive size and ammount of RAM?

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