Windows 95 *RUBBISH*

  $ix 09:18 30 Apr 2006

hi, my dad has a windows 95 and i have a windows XP so im not used to his 95.

ive been meaning to put a few programs and games on his computer since i go round his house every weekend and kinda get bored.

i stored a bunch of games and some animation programs on my MP3 player which hold 128MB.
(games and programs added up to around 100mb)

i plugged it in his USB and a message appeared saying new hardware found - i searched - nothing.

i looked on my computer - and theres no removable drive like it comes up on mine.


i then went home, and on friday before i went to my dads put everything on my PSP which holds 2gb.
i plugged it in his PC and NOTHING! (just a new hardware found message)

ive even tried searching for it, searching for folders on the PSP and NOTHING!

the only thing i can think of now is to burn it all to a CD, which is fine. but i want to know WHY doesnt it read removable drives? isit becasue its a windows 95 or what?

and the most important question is, is there any way to get my dads computer to read my PSP/MP3 player (which both work on my windows XP)

ps. its alot easier for me to drag and drop onto an MP3 player etc. than to waste a CD and time burning it all to Disc...

Thanks In Advanced.
(sorry for the long discription and spelling mistakes as im only 14 lol)

  €dstowe 09:26 30 Apr 2006

It's a concept called Product Development where new things are invented which don't/can't work with old things because the old things aren't aware of the technology used in the new things - simple as that.

It's taking it too far to say that Windows 95 is rubbish. In its time (1995) it was at the forefront of computer technology and there was little, if anything, better.

  VoG II 09:29 30 Apr 2006

With Windows 95 you will need to load the drivers for the device before plugging it in. This is not necessary with XP as it will find the drivers itself. Did it come with a setup CD?

  Stuartli 09:31 30 Apr 2006

You are wasting your time with your efforts to use Windows 95 for the purposes you state.

Win95 and XP are worlds apart.

  Taff™ 09:31 30 Apr 2006

Windows 95 didn`thave built in support for USB so I`m surprised the computer has a USB port at all. Your Dad has probably added a USB card so does he use USB devices? You probably need a device driver for yours so try looking at the manufacturers website & ask your Dad what USB device drivers he has had to use.

  $ix 09:35 30 Apr 2006

my dad doesnt even know what PC stands for, he deffinately hasnt done anything to it.

he even asked me how to get microsoft word up the other day lol

ok, maybe i went a bit far with the *RUBBISH* thing, i suppose in its day it was good, i mean look at the snes compared to the nowadays XBOX 360.

we've come a long way :)

PS. i only have an ALBA CD that came with my MP3 player, will that work?

  Stuartli 09:35 30 Apr 2006

>>(sorry for the long discription and spelling mistakes as im only 14 lol)>>

If this is yet another windup.....

If you can't spell at 14 then you should be ashamed of yourself especially as spell checkers are readily available.

  VoG II 09:44 30 Apr 2006

Yes, try running the ALBA CD and follow the prompts.

  Sharpamatt 09:58 30 Apr 2006

Trying to compare windows 95 to XP is impossable, but without the basics developed in 95 its probble we would not have XP. many of the features in 95 just require activation from add/remove programs.

Many years ago I added USB to a system running 95 upgraded the OS to 98, without any problems,

XP makes life easy without having to activate windows components, or install drivers.

it seems that even the basic knowledge of burning a CD is now in some cases lost ( I presume the ALBA Cd that came with your MPS is a disk), but allmost all systems running XP have a basic CD rewriter.which even my 7 year old grandchildren can use. ( they can even use the 3.5 drive )

Before you transfer anything to your Dads computer I also suggest you check the ULAS

  $ix 10:15 30 Apr 2006

what you mentioned about upgrading, i have a windows XP upgrade CD which i tried to use on my windows 98 but the hardrive was to old to support it.

would it be worth trying on my dads 95?

  fleamailman 10:21 30 Apr 2006

I feel this thread is resolved, could you mark it as such since you have learned that windows 95 connot use USB sticks, nor will windows98first edition, it is only window98second edition that they start working and even then as pointed out one has to have the driver to go with it(meaning it is not plug and play).

Anyway, don't worry about spelling, new writing styles are evolving and i am all for it.!!!OMG!!!LOL!!!

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