Windows 95 and NT 4.0 the Same X03 66905?

  Ex plorer 20:40 28 Mar 2006

Hi I have come across a puzler; quite by chance I was following a read up in a forum.
The question was what version of windows95 do I have, its X03 66905.
It was stated it was in fact Win NT Ver4.
I collect software and looked it up on the net and sure enough X03 66905 was NT Ver4.
Now I looked at my collection of Win95 todate.

I have in front of me sealed,
Introducing MS Win95 Its OEM and XO3 66905.

Among other papers I can see the date10/04/95.
On the back is X03-50331, I cant find a reference to that.
The number is on the COA book on lower left side.


  Ex plorer 20:58 28 Mar 2006

This where I got my information.
click here

I cant check it out as this is in my collection and seald.

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