Windows 95 installation

  croydon 16:19 11 Jul 2003

I have installed Windows 95 on a Pentium 3. I intend to upgrade this to Windows ME.

After installing Win95 successfully, I inserted the WinME CD but found that Win95 did not recognise the CD drive. I only have drives A: and C:. This is strange because the WIN95 installation was from CD.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Art 216 16:50 11 Jul 2003

Hi there.
Is the CD Rom recognised in the Bios?
If it is try "adding new hardware" from Win 95 and tell it, it is a CD ROM it's looking for !!!

  smegs 17:03 11 Jul 2003

Croydon, try this click here. Download the drivers the install. Goodluck.

  croydon 17:05 11 Jul 2003

Yes, it is recognised when the pc is booted.

I tried using Add New Hardware to add a CD Controller manually, but I can't find the driver disk (if there ever was one) and Win95 wants to load any of it's own drivers from CD!

  Jester2K II 17:05 11 Jul 2003

Windows 95 doesn't need drivers for a CD ROM unless you want to use it in DOS.

Can you check the IDE cable isn't loose?

Can you try the CD ROM in another PC?

Can you AUTO DETECT the drive in the BIOS?

  croydon 17:11 11 Jul 2003

The CD Rom must be working correctly as I used it earlier this afternoon to install Win95.

How do I auto detect the drive in the BIOS?


  Jester2K II 17:16 11 Jul 2003

Sorry we cross posted. You said "Yes, it is recognised when the pc is booted. " so it doesn't matter now as you have confirmed that the BIOS picks up the drive.

Still can you check the cables??

  smegs 17:16 11 Jul 2003

Rstart the Pc & go into BIOS, pressing DELETE as the pc restarts. Then U will B able to search weather or not the cd is in there.

  croydon 17:21 11 Jul 2003

I've just realised something that may make a difference - This is a CD Read/Writer.

  Jester2K II 17:25 11 Jul 2003

Nope. Shouldn't make a difference esp if it worked before.

Can you check the cables and or test in another PC? Maybe the IDE or power cable is loose or the CD ROM has died.

  woodchip 17:33 11 Jul 2003

Go to device manager and remove the CD Rom then reboot to fores a Re-configure-ration of the CD drive

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