Windows 95 -- Boot Disk

  roundhead123 20:42 24 Apr 2003

I am attempting to reformat the Hard Disk in Windows 95 with a view to changing from the french to the English version. I have read that before formatting I have to create a boot disk and then start up the pc with the disk in place so it boots to the A> prompt when I can start the formatting. How do I get it to start up with the floppy disk ? Each time I start the computer it ignores the floppy and goes straight into Windows, the only way I can get it to look at the floppy is to go to My Computer and click on the A Drive icon, then it just shows the name of the boot file.
Help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, John.

  MAJ 20:53 24 Apr 2003

You'll have to go into your BIOS and set the "Boot Sequence" so that the Floppy Drive (A) is first. Your CD-ROM (D) is probably set first at the moment, roundhead123, that's why your PC is booting normally.

  The PC Doctor 20:56 24 Apr 2003

You will need to access the BIOS on start-up, normally by press Esc or F2.

Once in your BIOS look for the boot sequence settings. This will need to be set to A first then C.

Once you have this setup and are booting from the floppy make sure you can read the Windows95 CD.

If you can't then your boot floppy isn't loading in your CD Rom drivers.

  Legolas 20:57 24 Apr 2003

You have to go into the BIOS just as you begin to bootup and change the order of boot devices you have to change it so that the floppy disk boots first.

  The PC Doctor 21:00 24 Apr 2003


Meant to go on and say that you will need to be able to see the CD Drive from the floppy as you need to run SETUP from the CD.

If all else fails contact me - I've a very good boot floppy that should work ok.

  hellred 21:04 24 Apr 2003

press F2 or delete or whatever windows prompts you with on boot before you get the windows screen and get to the BIOS settings and select Boot then move the diskdrive to be first the CD second and the HDD last. Make sure you save on exit and let the PC boot, then insert disk and restart.
This time the disc will be first boot and you can then Fdisk the drive.

  roundhead123 21:08 24 Apr 2003

Thanks to all who responded so promptly -Now I'll go and give it a go !!

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