Windows 95 boot disk

  Steppenwolf 14:20 08 Oct 2003

I've recently had to reinstall Windows 95 on an old machine due to a virus problem. Problem is, the CDROM drive got changed since I created a boot disk and when I boot up it looks for the old CDROM and doesn't find the new one (Yamaha). I'm trying Yamaha support but getting nowhere. Anyone got any ideas how I can modify the boot disk to detect the new CDROM and load up Windows again?

  graham√ 14:23 08 Oct 2003

Des it boot to A:\ prompt?

  graham√ 14:24 08 Oct 2003

Are you there, Des?


  graham√ 14:41 08 Oct 2003

I'll carry on if you're on dial-up.

Boot disks often assign a different drive letter to the CD-ROM, to avoid a conflict with additional hard drives etc.

If you get to the A:\ prompt, try R:, if it changes to R:\ put the 95 disc in and type 'setup' and enter.

  woodchip 15:21 08 Oct 2003

Use a win98 boot disc click here after downloading the file put a clean floppy in the drive then double click the downloaded file to create a boot disc then start with it

  pepe 17:19 08 Oct 2003

For a really simple bootdisk try this click here it loads mouse drivers and CD drivers and simplifies the whole operation.

  smegs 18:09 08 Oct 2003
  anchor 08:37 09 Oct 2003

The Windows 98 and 98SE start up disc will work and recognise most, (but not quite all,) CD roms.

This can be downloaded from the links given by woodchip and smegs.

Remember, that after boot with this disc the letter of your CD drive will be moved up by one; i.e. if it is normally D:, then it will become E:

  graham√ 14:26 09 Oct 2003

Or R:

  Steppenwolf 14:33 09 Oct 2003

Thanks guys, I will try the various boot disk options tonight and see if that fixes the issue..

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