windows 95 to 98se

  pookie 15:23 09 Jun 2004


i have an old P133 windows 95 pc which i use purely for internet use. i can't find a cd-rw that supports windows 95. i have got an unused windows 98se disk and code. i can get cd-rw that supports 98se. i have no driver disks/etc for windows 95. can i reformat 95, and if so how, and install 98se (with no driver disks) and then install cd-rw. my modem supports 98se ok.

many thanks


  Graham ® 15:50 09 Jun 2004

Get a 98 OEM boot disk from Boot with it in the floppy drive. You may wish to format the hard drive first, to get a clean drive.

  Graham ® 15:53 09 Jun 2004

To format, restart in DOS mode. At the prompt, type 'format C:', hit Enter. Answer a few simple questions and off you go.

  pookie 15:57 09 Jun 2004

many thanks

does it matter that i don't have original driver disk (i've got modem driver)?


  Graham ® 16:33 09 Jun 2004

If you mean CD-ROM driver, it's on the boot disk. Any problems, feel free to ask.

  pookie 08:49 10 Jun 2004

thanks again

  pookie 08:48 15 Jun 2004


i did a format of 95. i put boot disk for 98se into floppy and booted up - error message saying invalid system disk. i put in boot disk for 95 and lots of writing came up about 95 and then message saying drivers missing. i changed in bios so it loaded from cd rom first and tried with 98se windows disk and also 95 windows disk but it keeps saying about invalid disk. the 98se disk is not an upgrade - it's the full version. i'm probably wrong but i think the cd rom driver has not loaded.

i've downloaded from boot disks for 95, versions a and b, and also 98 oem and 98se boot disks.

which should i use to install 98se, bearing in mind i've formated hard drive, and then after using boot disk i guess just change to boot from cd rom first and then reboot with windows 98se disk in?

many, many thanks


  pookie 09:47 15 Jun 2004

refresh :-)

  johnsims 09:56 15 Jun 2004

Did you use the command format /s when you reformatted the hard disk?

If not, boot with the floppy and from the a prompt type sys c:

The likely reason you are getting an invalid system disk message is that there is no system on c:

It should not matter too much which you use, but to be on the safe side use the boot floppy that equates to your version of 98SE. i.e. OEM or full.

Boot to a: prompt with floppy, make sure you select the default option to "boot with cdrom support"
Insert 98SE cd and type D:\ setup (or whatever letter is your cd drive)

Win98SE should then install, just follow the onscreen instructions.

  SANTOS7 10:05 15 Jun 2004

do not worry about drivers for optical devices, the only drivers you need are the generic ones that are part of the O/S that you are useing

  pookie 10:13 15 Jun 2004

many thanks


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