Windows 8.1- totally blank screen with no recovery options

  Podracer 21:12 18 Dec 2014

A puzzle, that has now been resolved, but what happened? - and might it happen again? My wife's (she's not very computer literate, and knows to ask me if any queries) baby laptop (Acer V5 122 (11.6" screen) with a Pentium processor (laptop purchased new this October) with Windows 8.1 factory installed) has been working faultlessly. It is up to date, but not updated in the last week or so - ie, no system changes recently.

She used it yesterday, and shut it down totally normally. Tonight, she tried to use it, and all she got was the Acer logo, followed by a totally blank green screen (presumably green as that is the colour that we have been using for the 8.1 desktop) and the cursor. Nothing else. To cut a long story short, we shut it down (power button) and tried to power it up again, tried ESC, tried F8, tried USB recovery drives etc, all to no avail; all we got was the same green screen. Eventually I tried CTRL ALT DEL and got presented with the Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, etc options. I logged in using her password and all was sorted. Hallelujah. Subsequently, I shut it down a couple of times and it started normally each time.

But the question is what caused the laptop to default into the mode where my wife panicked, I was initially stumped, and finally, through luck, I found the way to bring it to life - and might it happen again?

OK, the problem is sorted on this occasion, but do we have anything to worry about in the future? This has never happened to me on my Windows 8 (now 8.1) computer in the two and a half years I have been using it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:41 18 Dec 2014

Possibly was completing an update and taking time to load into windows or profile was corrupt which sorted itself once relogged in.

  Podracer 08:44 22 Dec 2014

Thank you for your comments, Fruit Bat.

However, couldn't have been an update, as automatic updates are turned off; I did a manual update over a week ago, and it was fine after that. If it was a corrupt profile, we will hope it doen't happen again (it's been fine for the last two days).

Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply.

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